Affiliate Opportunity: Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers

Proven Course Launches Again This October

How do you build a blog from nothing to more than 100,000 readers in less 18 months? Answer: You follow exactly what Jeff Goins teaches in his Tribe Writers course. It’s launching again this October and it’s going to be his biggest launch yet!

Jeff Goins Tribe Writers Affiliate

I’m excited about Jeff’s launch for four reasons:

  1. Jeff’s was one of the first blogs I read. Ever. I was never much of a blog reader until I came across Jeff’s (thanks to Michael Hyatt). I became a regular in his comments and eventually we connected. Next think you know…
  2. Jeff was our first client in the launch space. I’d been running affiliate programs for more than a decade when Jeff and I first connected. But I’d never run a product launch or a book launch. When Jeff asked me to run the affiliate side of his Art of Work book launch, things really took off.
  3. Jeff. Like all of our clients, Jeff has become a good friend and I know he is who he says he is. Jeff is the real deal and wants what is best for his students. When you promote Jeff’s course, you can be sure your people are being taken care of.
  4. The course is flat out amazing. Jeff goes above and beyond to make sure his students are learning what they need to learn. Jeff shares the exact strategies he used to build his blog from nothing to more than 100,000 subscribers in 18 months. No fluff. No theory. Just straight up, practical knowledge that, when applied, can help anyone else do what he did.


About the Course

Tribe Writers is best-selling author Jeff Goins’ online course for those who are serious about to honing their message, building an audience, and getting published.

The techniques, tools, and templates are the exact blueprint Jeff used to build a platform of 100,000 followers in 18 months. This is a highly practical, no hype course with proven results.

Target Audience

Tribe Writers is for those who want to use writing as their primary tool for earning influence with an audience. It’s proven successful with bloggers, non-fiction and fiction authors, consultants, coaches, social media experts, and online marketers.

What’s Inside the Course?

Forever access to the members area, video lessons, live calls, and $580 in bonuses:

  • You Are a Writer eBook + Audiobook ($20)
  • Friend, Fans, Patrons Networking Field Guide ($20)
  • The Perfect Book Launch ebook ($50)
  • Kindle Publishing mini-course ($100)
  • WordPress 101 training series ($190)
  • Intentional Blog course ($200)

Commission and Prizes

The commission is 40% and we’ll be announcing some amazing prizes soon.

I’ve promoted it in the past myself and it converted extremely well. This will be Jeff’s 7th launch of Tribe Writers. The sales funnel is absolutely solid.

Important Dates

It all begins on October 10 with the first piece of Pre-Launch Content (PLC #1). This will be an ebook called Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing for) Your Audience. Last year, we had more than 10,000 optins just for this ebook.

Here’s the rest of the launch calendar:

10/13: PLC #2 (Video)

10/16: PLC #3 (Video)

10/18: PLC #4 (Video)

10/20: Sales Video / Open Cart

10/27: Close Cart

If you have an audience who wants to build a tribe, this launch is one you definitely don’t want to miss.


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