Best Month Ever! November 2013 Recap

Blog Record Month Matt McWilliams

Congrats @skropp2 @jonstolpe @JosephLalonde @SteveP8Fam @ZechariahNewman @lilykreitinger – Top commenters this month. (Tweet That)

November was yet another record month.

Thank you for making that happen!

Despite taking the last four days off for the holiday and my expectations of a drop in traffic due to the time of year, our community here still experienced record numbers of:

  • Traffic. Total number of visitors was up more than 15%. Same for unique visitors.
  • Comments. The total number of comments was up more than 15% (25% per post). Engagement is at an all-time high.
  • Subscribers. The number of new subscribers in November was the most ever.
  • Revolutionaries. A record number of new Revolutionaries joined the Thank You Revolution.

Top Posts for November 2013

Top Commenters

  1. Mark SieverkroppMark Sieverkropp
  2. Joe LalondeJoe Lalonde
  3. Jon StolpeJon Stolpe
  4. Steve PateSteve Pate
  5. Zech NewmanZech Newman
  6. Jana BotkinJana Botkin
  7. Lily KreitingerLily Kreitinger
  8. Katherine LeicesterKatherine Leicester
  9. Dan EricksonDan Erickson
  10. Kirbie EarleyKirbie Earley

Thanks to each of you and the entire community here. You all rock!

Question: What was the highlight of your November? If you are a blogger or podcaster, share your best post/episode. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Katherine Leicester

    Matt, thanks for the info. I’m taking a proprietary interest in your success, and it’s really fun. On to 2014!

    • Thank you Katherine! It’s going to be a fun end to the year and great beginning of 2014.

  • Great to see your growth Matt! My highlight to November was getting asked to start preaching monthly at church. It will be a great opportunity for me to grow and have more influence. My top post for last month was this on Failure Have a great December!

    • Steve Pate

      By far Zech, getting asked to preached is super awesome. may God touch your lips and make it his words that touch people’s hearts!

    • Congrats Zech! That’s awesome!

    • Woo hoo! Congrats on being asked to take that step.

      • Thanks Joe.

        • You’re welcome. Is this something you’d been desiring?

          • To speak and write is my desire. This gives me a chance to get experience in front of people. Any chance to play a part in restoration get’s me excited:)

    • Bam! Super cool Zech.

  • Steve Pate

    top two for me. 1. Talking to you! 2. Having lunch with Mark Sieverkropp and Scott Barlow!

    • Haha. I’d have to put talking to Matt fairly high on my list too…though I’m not going to number it (can’t have his head getting too big!).
      But I did absolutely love getting to meet you in person and enjoy a good lunch!

    • Number 2 is pretty spectacular. Mark’s a good guy.

    • I enjoyed #1 as well Steve. #2 sounds amazing, too. Two great guys.

  • Congrats, Matt, and thank you for the mention! Thanks for keeping us challenged and inspired.

    The top post on my blog this month was a post from last November (2012). Every week (mainly on Friday mornings), I post a Stretched Ice Breaker for my readers. An ice breaker about giving thanks on Thanksgiving was by far the most popular post in November 2013. Here’s the link:

    • Thank you Jon for raising the TYR bar for all of us!

      • It’s my pleasure. I just had my annual performance review with my boss, and the Thank You Revolution was brought up by him.

        • That’s awesome Jon! Changing lives AND organizations! My review is next week, wonder if it’ll come up there too 🙂

          • @marksieverkropp:disqus, Apparently, it came up in the roundtable discussion with the other members of the management team. You never know how your actions could impact others. Keep at it! Gratitude has the power to make a huge difference in the workplace and in the world!

          • Heck of a way to make a name for yourself Jon. Nothing wrong with that!

          • I guess. It’s a little humbling, but if it helps with the rise of the revolution then it’s all good.

  • Congrats Matt! You’re killing it! Honored to be among the other rockstars on your blog!

    Also honored that my guest post made the top posts of the month! Thanks for being so willing to share your platform with others!

    November was an awesome month for me! HTYC is still kickin butt! We’re sitll Top 25 in iTunes for Career Podcasts.

    My favorite episode of November was the interview with Richie Norton. Richie wrote the book “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”–which has had the biggest impact on me of any book I’ve ever read.

    It was an honor to be able to speak with him and interview him!

    You can access the interview here:

    • Steve Pate

      Yea that interview was sweet!

    • It’s on my to-listen list. Been looking forward to it. I was bummed when it didn’t sync the other day 🙁

      You guys are kicking some butt over there!

    • That’s great Mark! I will have to give it a listen.

  • My highlight was being having my post about LeCrae Moore’s Catalyst Atlanta notes retweeted by LeCrae. This brought in a record number of visitors and made my month.

  • Awesome month Matt, and awesome people in your top commenters list! My top post was for a free resource I created:

    6 Simple Actions You Should Take Every Morning to Skyrocket Your Energy and Focus

  • Congratulations on your blog’s growth, Matt! Reliability is a rare quality so your readers truly appreciate you showing up every day with something encouraging, challenging, positive and helpful.

    Highlight of my November was successfully bidding on a mural. It won’t begin until February so there is time to finish the drawings for my book before I start commuting to the wall.

    And thanks for pronouncing my name correctly – it rhymes with banana. 😎

  • Awesome work Matt!! Consistency and great content is key and some miss the mark. Great to see your growth. You INSPIRE me bro!!

    • That’s awesome Robert. Thank you for the encouragement.