7 Reasons Why You Should Work with Small Affiliates

Your Biggest Asset Might Be Your Smallest Partners

A lot of affiliate programs only work with larger affiliates…and I think that’s wrong. I’m not judging people who decide to only work with a select group of needle movers, but I do think it’s a mistake. Below I share seven reasons why you should work with smaller affiliates.

Before I share my seven reasons to work with smaller affiliates, let me be clear on something:

There is no better way to grow your list and your sales than picking up a few huge affiliates. They can explode your business literally overnight.

Should You Pay Your Affiliates a Commission on Upsells and Downsells?

When to Pay and How Much

When you offer an upsell or downsell, should you pay affiliates a commission? I’ve seen it done many different ways. No commission, full commission, partial commission, but the answer ultimately boils down to one thing.

Watch the video above for my take and the best answer I got when I asked other experts.

How to Activate Inactive Affiliates (Evergreen Programs)

Why They're Not Active and What to Do About It

No matter what you do, any evergreen affiliate program with more than a few dozen affiliates is going to have some that become inactive. You can run the best program with the best commissions and have the greatest personality, but some of them just fall off the earth. Below I share the reasons why that happens…and what to do about it.

In part one, I shared WHY you need to activate affiliates. I explained why affiliates aren’t just automatically promoting you. They need a gentle reminder to get active.

What to do When an Affiliate Promotion Performs Poorly

Double Down, Tweak, or Give Up

What do you do when you promote an affiliate offer and it’s just not performing well? In fact, it’s performing terribly. Here’s my response to this question.

I got this question from Brian Berni, who is a student of my No Product No Problem course. He is promoting one an affiliate offer and he’s seeing no results.

How to Activate Inactive Affiliates

How to Get Dormant Affiliates Into Your Launch

One of the single most frustrating things you can do as an online entrepreneur is to put in the effort to recruit affiliates…only to have them do nothing. Today, I’ll show you how to activate your inactive affiliates.

I received an email recently from a guy who has over 1,000 affiliates for his product. That’s great!

The Absolute #1 Way to Get Your Best New Affiliates (That Almost No One Uses)

How to Instantly Grow Your Affiliates by 20-30%

I’m about to reveal the easiest, most effective, and fastest way to get awesome new affiliates. When I share it, it will seem obvious…and yet, almost no one does it.

I’ll spare you the teasing and the mystery and cut right to the good stuff.

The number one way to get new affiliates is this: