The Rise of YOU – An Interview with Chris Ducker (Part One) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 177

Today I have a special treat…an interview with one of my favorite people in the world…Chris Ducker. His new book, The Rise of the Youpreneur, is destined to be the manifesto for a new breed of independent, creative, business owners. If you want to build a personal brand (or even THINK you might) listen up…Chris will show you how.

Top 10 Books Every Affiliate Marketer Should Read

And How You Can Win 5 of Them for Free

I truly believe that books can change the world. And the right ones can certainly change your business. The stories, ideas, and strategies in good books can ignite a fire in you and give you the tools to take your business and life to the next level. Today, I’ll share my ten favorite books for affiliate marketers…and show you how you can win the top five!

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said it best:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

Here’s the thing about books though, whether they be marketing or otherwise. The books themselves don’t actually do anything for you.

Make Money, Live Wealthy - Austin Netzley Book

Make Money, Live Wealthy (2014)

This book is about TRUE wealth.

I’m not just saying this because I’m in the book (though that does make just a little bit better…I’m kidding, sort of), but this is good stuff. This is practically an encyclopedia of wealth and success, with interviews and breakthroughs from today’s leaders in the financial and business fields. It’s a roadmap to true wealth in life, career, and making an impact.

Let’s be Happy by P.K. Hallinan: A Book That Will Truly Make You Happy [PODCAST]

There is a book that has been a surprising source of happiness in my life over the past three years.

It’s a children’s book that has condensed hundreds of years of psychological research into a book that can be read in less than five minutes.

Lets be Happy by PK Hallinan Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

It’s called Let’s Be Happy by P.K. Hallinan and it sums up all that has been said by William James, Martin Seligman, and decades of positive psychologists and other gurus.

As far as impact on my life and ability to inspire, I rank it right up there with Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss in the “Must-Read Children’s Books” category.

In today’s episode I share what this book has meant to me and how you can apply its principles in your life.

Review of Project:Success by Mark Sieverkropp

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What’s the next big thing in your life?

Do you have big ideas, but feel stuck? What if there was a step-by-step guide to help you get unstuck and moving towards your dreams and passions?

Thankfully, there is. It’s called Project:Success, the new book from Mark Sieverkropp.

Project:Success Book by Mark Sieverkropp
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I was super fortunate to receive an advanced copy of the book and it blew me away. Mark is a first time author, but the ideas in this book are well-tested and proven to work.

I interviewed Mark ahead of the release of his book today. I’ve included some highlights from the interview below as well, but I highly encourage you to listen.

How would you describe Project: Success to someone? 

Project: Success outlines the process used by successful people the world over to accomplish their goals and dreams.  The mindset, plan, and process included in this book will help you achieve success in any aspect of your life.  Project: Success changes the way you think and the way you look at your goals and dreams and give you the tools and resources to accomplish them.

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48 Days Coaching Master Program with Dan Miller

Not Just for Moms | Review of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

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Exhausted. Overworked. Stressed out. Barely getting by. 

All of those words could describe any of the moms in America today, married or single. That’s who Crystal Paine wrote her latest book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, for.

But it’s not just for moms! I’m not sure if you picked up on this, but I am a dude. But I feel all of those things I listed above…on a daily basis. And I also want to help my wife avoid them.

Goodbye Survival Mode from @MoneySavingMom is not just for moms. Men, you need to read this book! (Tweet That) | Share this Video on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book and absolutely loved it. LOVED it.

My advice to all the moms:

Get this book. Devour it. Share it with your husband, friends, and co-workers.

My advice to all the dads/husbands:

Get this book. Devour it. Think of ways to help your spouse. Share it with your daughters and sons and their spouses.

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Thank You Revolution

Book Review: Start by Jon Acuff | Punch Fear in the Face

What can you not stop doing?

That is one of the critical questions presented in Jon Acuff’s new book, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters.

I pre-ordered the book more than a month ago and what I expected was something along the lines of, “Matt (I expected Jon to write the book personally to me), you know you’ve always wanted to _______, so what are you waiting for?”

But that’s not what I got at all. And that was disappointing at first. I assumed I was missing out on something, that I was missing my calling, and that this book would show me how to start something new and revolutionary.

But it didn’t.

Congratulations to…

Congratulations to Carol Dublin for winning a free copy of a great book, CrazyBusy: Strategies for Handling Your Fast-Paced Life by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell.

CrazyBusy book by Edward Hallowell
About CrazyBusy:

Hallowell (who also wrote Delivered from Distraction) takes his study of Attention Deficit Disorder and applies it to everyone on hot to handle our increasingly busy lives, what he calls the “problem and the opportunity” of modern life. Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., was an instructor at Harvard Medical School for twenty years and is now director of the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health.

Although his background is in ADD research, this book applies to everyone. I personally think that nearly everyone in the United States today displays some of the characteristics of ADD. It’s just a part of our – did I tell you about the time I played golf with Vince Gill…oh, and I have some exciting news coming up soon about the Thank You Revolution – culture. Sorry…squirrel.