When Should You Negotiate Affiliate Commissions?

Is there a right time or wrong time to negotiate affiliate commissions? Should you even negotiate at all? I was recently asked that question by one of my team members, Mark Sieverkropp. We hopped on a quick call and recorded our chat:

In this quick video, I share my thinking on when to negotiate your commissions, when to not, and the risks of doing so.

Mark gets his answer…and you get listen in.

Why Self-Improvement Is Not About You

Why Your Goal Shouldn't be a Better You, but a Better World

I only recently discovered that I am rich beyond belief. This was a shocking revelation to me and one that caused me to rethink everything.

Why Self-Improvement Is Not About You

According to GlobalRichList.com, I am the 2,974,323rd wealthiest person in the world. That puts me in the top 0.05% of all income earners on the planet.

Episode 064: The Conscious Millionaire JV Crum III

At an early age (four years old), today’s guest decided to become a millionaire. Twenty-one years later, he achieved it. That might sound like the end of the story, but it’s actually the beginning.

Episode 064: The Conscious Millionaire JV Crum III

Deciding at the age of four to become a millionaire is not very common. Usually four-year olds want to become a firefighter, an astronaut, or perhaps an athlete or doctor. But JV Crum III was an entrepreneur at heart, start his first business at five years old, and made a decision early in life that he wanted to become a millionaire.

When he achieved that dream at the age of twenty-five, he discovered it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He was basically living the American Dream but he writes, “I thought that becoming a millionaire would be the whole answer, but I wasn’t happy nor was I fulfilled.” We discuss how he came to that realization and what it was like to realize that he hit his goal, had all the stuff he dreamed about and discover he wasn’t truly happy.

I also ask JV if he thinks entrepreneurs are born, made, or if that path in life is something you have to decide on. His answer might surprise you.

We also discuss the power of visualization, specifically how he coaches someone through his conscious process. And since JV has spent decades studying ultra-successful people, I ask him about some of the common traits among them.

This is an interview that you don’t want to miss.

About JV

Our guest today is a best selling author, world-renowned business coach, and mentor. He became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties and is an investor who has built and sold companies. Our guest is a visionary strategist and is also a speaker in the areas of conscious business, fast profit growth, and youth leadership. He holds graduate degrees in three areas – law, and MBA, and a Masters in Psychology.

He is the Founder and Director of a global non-profit that supports the development of youth leaders from age 6 to 25 who are giving back to their communities and uplifting humanity. The non-profit he founded, Conscious World Foundation, produces the annual Conscious World Day to both honor youth from around the world and inspire others with their heart-felt stories of giving back and making their difference.

On a personal level he is an adventurer and world-traveler who loves the outdoors, nature, and all things related to water, from class-five water rafting to skiing.

He’s helping people to live with consciousness and purpose. He’s showing the world that wealth and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. And he’s inspiring a new generation to think big and think bold. JV is a true world changer.

What Limiting Beliefs are Holding You Back?

Are you limiting your potential to what you know or what others tell you? All too often we allow our circumstances (what we know) and what others say about us (our parents, the media, statistics) to determine how high we think we can reach. We let the things most out of our control hold us back from our true potential.

What Beliefs are Holding You Back?

When I was growing up, living with a single mother, we moved seven times in a six year span. I often joke that my mom worked three jobs just to keep us on the right side of the tracks, but I could see the tracks from my bedroom!

We bounced around from town to town, apartment complex to trailer park, school to school, and on more than one occasion had our car repossessed. All of that seemed normal to me.

How I Tripled my Income in 3 Years…After Getting Fired

I still remember the horror, the helplessness, and the hatred I had in my heart. I’d just been fired from the job I hated, but felt that I needed to keep. We’d just moved into a new home, with a new mortgage and our six-month old was asleep upstairs.

Increase income after getting fired

My first reaction was panic. I was terrified.

My next emotion was helplessness. I literally had no idea what to do. Sure, I hated my job. In fact, just the night before, my wife Tara essentially told me I needed to find a new job…or else. The stress and chaos was too much for either of us.

Next, I felt hatred. Towards the owner of the company. Towards myself for not leaving sooner on my own terms. Towards…well, “the system” and “the man.” I was just angry.