What I Would Do Differently In My Online Business [VIDEO]

Three Things I Would Do Differently If I Started Over Today

Recently a subscriber asked me what I would do differently in my online business if I had to start all over again. Honestly, that could be a VERY long list. But in today’s video, I narrowed it down to 3 things that would make the biggest difference, not just from a monetary standpoint, but also that would help me enjoy the work more.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

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  • Steve M

    I must have missed one of the 3 things you would have done differently.
    1) Use Video
    2) Stop being cheep (The one I have to work on… Anyone want to sponsor me a laptop 😉 ??)
    3) ???????

    • Hey Steve,

      go to the 5:27 mark 🙂

      Here’s the link – https://youtu.be/D03e2mDNB1U?t=327

      • Steve M

        Thanks Matt! I missed that 3rd one! I’m glad you posted to YouTube, I’m going to binge watch while I am at my 9-5. Affiliate marketing is one of the directions my wife and I want to head here shortly. I’m learning everything I can. — I sent you a DM using your contact form on your website. I’d love to talk more.