Doing What You’re Called to Do | Carlos Whittaker with Homeless Man

Everyone is called to something higher than themselves. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are an artist, CEO, or “just” a mom or dad, I know that you are called to something great. And when you do what you are called to, something amazing always happens. Like this…

When you do what you are called to, something amazing always happens. (Tweet That)

WARNING: This is not a video that you play and listen to in the background. You need to watch it carefully. And it will blow you away.

Why did this happen?

Carlos Whittaker was doing what he is called to do.

Even if Danny never showed up and created a heaven-on-earth moment, Carlos was making his mark on the world.

Part of doing what he is called to do was being in that park on that day. In the cold wind. In a bad neighborhood.

And because of him, the world met Danny.

When you do what you are called to do, things like this will happen. I know it…and so do you.

What are you waiting for?

Question: Are you doing what you’ve been called to do? If not, what is holding you back? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Let’s Grow Leaders

    A beautiful story… thanks for sharing!

  • Kirbie Earley

    That was awesome! What a great way to begin my morning! There is definitely a message received there! Thanks!

  • Rweekly

    I Love it! Thank You Matt, another hit out of the park, or hole in one :).

  • Brett Thompson

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing Matt.

  • Love this, I also love that the resurgence of this video has reignited this song for Carlos. Great reminder Matt that this was only possible because Carlos was following his calling. Never thought of that part of it.

  • This was great Matt! What a great thing to wake up to this morning! Just wish we knew what happened after…

    Either way, just reminds me of God’s power when we are faithful in using our gifts! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Chills, as in goose-bumps.

  • Katherine Leicester

    yes. yes. yes.

  • I’ve seen the video and it’s amazing. Plus Carlos is a pretty cool guy.

  • Great video!

    Yes, I’m doing what I’m called to do. And I believe that calling his developing as time goes on (or maybe I’m hearing the calling in bigger pieces with the passage of time). For example, I had no interest in Guatemala 5 years ago. This has changed in just the past two years. I know have a passion for the people of this country, and I believe God is calling me and using me to make a difference for people in Guatemala.

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