Find 12 Minutes to Watch This | Removed Movie About Foster Parenting

I don’t know what will happen when you watch this video. It’s powerful. It will move you. It will disgust you. Find 12 minutes to watch this.

I watch and I feel:





Angry again…

One voice says “Do something.” Another says “It’s not enough. It will never be enough.”

“I must.”

“You can’t.”

“I can help someone.

“You’ll never help enough.”

“I know who I am.”

“You know what you’ve done.”

So I made a decision. Not to do everything that I can do in my lifetime. Not in that one moment. But I decided…

To do what I can now. To do what I have been called to do. To share it with you. To use my platform to spread a message.

So today, this is my action. It may change the world, it may not. But it is a start.

In the end, the girl says:

“My past, my history, my story, is not my fault. It’s not because of me. It doesn’t have to be what defines my future. I am lovable. I am worthy of care. And that glimmer of light, it makes all the difference. The glimmers of light give me hope…that someday my summer will come.”

I pray that one day every child would know that.

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  • Rweekly

    Wow! Matt thank you for stopping me in my tracks today. Not sure what to say, I pray that God will always allow me to see those hurting around me and that I am not blinded, being so wrapped up in what I think is important. Perspective!

  • Because of my slow internet, I spent 12 minutes watching 4 minutes of this. Made me wonder how many kids I grew up with were living this sort of life – the ones that didn’t do their homework, were kind of messy and often smelled funky. Can’t tell if there is more abuse these days or if we are all a little more aware of it.

    Is it rooted in substance abuse 99% of the time? Does it come from being abused, so the cycle is almost always passed on?

    Yesterday a local-ish radio talk show addressed the abuses of CPS and how a Californian has introduced a bill that would require video-taping of their encounters with families.

    Sin abounds. Sigh.

    • I’m just guessing here, but not more abuse these days. Just more aware. Maybe even less, but still a rampant problem.

      Let it buffer and try to watch the rest. It’s pretty amazing. You can also change it from HD to 360p (lower quality but still viewable). Just click on the gear icon on the bottom right as it’s playing. That will buffer much faster.

      • Thanks for the tip, Matt. It worked!
        What child has the wisdom or maturity to understand that an ugly home life isn’t her fault or that she is lovable?
        And if this little actress wasn’t so pretty, would we be as moved?
        Yeah. Probably. All children are beautiful.
        Thanks again.

  • Matt, it is true. And I personally identify with the ending… My summer finally came 30 years late, but it came. My heart is warming up now, my fear is melting away and I am living in total Faith. It is liberating, words can’t express how much.

    “Nine was also the age when my life was opened up to bitterness. This bitterness was so intense that it very nearly eclipsed my emotional, social and spiritual potential. I had periods of savage resentment at the life I had been thrust into and times so bleak that living did not make any sense. This was triggered by a series of seemingly unrelated events that could have only been committed by a person running on highly refined evil.”

    That’s an excerpt from my life, my reality.However, like the Phoenix out of the ashes… hope “Down But Not Out: Becoming a Significant Leader at Home” is the book I wrote to heal. It was a difficult project. May the healing begin…

    • Beautiful Kimunya. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

      • It’s the least I can do Matt, for those who are like I was, and those who are rising again. Thanks for sharing the video. Powerful!