Interview with Brian Church, Author of Relationship Momentum

What is the secret to making ideas move? That is the exact question that Brian Church, the author of the book Relationship Momentum, and I discuss in a recent interview I recorded with him. Brian was kind enough to join me for an interview and we covered the basic premises of his book. If you missed his post yesterday, The Secret to Creating Relational Movement for You and Others, it will give you a bit of a preview as well.

Relationship Momentum by Brian Church on Amazon


You can listen here:


Also, make sure to check out his book. It will change your view of networking forever.

Question: What is your biggest struggle with networking?

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  • Dan Erickson

    Looks like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing this with us, Matt.

  • Great interview, Matt. One of my biggest struggles with networking is time. My second is wanting to make sure I’m not networking only for the sake of having more contacts. I want my relationships to mean something.

    • I have to remind myself of the ROI on it. That usually helps me find that extra hour each week (on top of the hour I usually do as a matter of course).

      Also, give yourself grace in your busy seasons. I don’t do nearly as much in Nov and Dec. But, just like with my workouts, I don’t give up entirely. I allow myself to network less and get back on track in January!

      • This is good advice. I know it has been a struggle to keep up with things these two month. I don’t want to wish the holidays away, but I’ll confess I almost long for the more routine nature of January.

  • Steve Pate

    Great job on the interview Matt. To your question, making time to follow up.

    I love the 90 hours idea and the 90 days to not to fight for the same ground twice.

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