The ONE Word That Dramatically Increases Your Affiliate Sales [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 120

There is a single word that can make all the difference in your affiliate promotions. I just finished doing some research that I wanted to share with you from a recent promotion and it blew my mind. Today, I share that word and how to use it in your affiliate campaigns.

Listener Q&A – Why Would Anyone Buy Through You? [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 119

Have you ever wondered why anyone would actually buy through you when there are so many other options? In today’s episode, I answer a question from a listener who doubts why anyone would visit his website or buy through him? The answer is simple…and I share it today.

Why I KNOW You’ll Be Successful with Your Online Business [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 116

If you’ve ever doubted that you can be successful with your online business, this episode is for you. If you’ve watched others launch their business or product and thought, “that will never be me,” this episode is for you. Today, I’ll share why I KNOW you’ll be successful with your online business.

How To Create Urgency In Evergreen Offers

The Top Ways To Create Urgency When Promoting Evergreen Offers

When you are promoting an affiliate launch, the urgency is built in.  There are deadlines, cart closes, bonuses going away.  And as I often say, nothing moves people like a deadline.  But what do you do when you are promoting an evergreen offer and there isn’t urgency? Today I will share with you the best ways to create urgency when promoting an evergreen offer.

How To Get Affiliates To Mail More Often

The Top 7 Ways To Get Your Affiliates To Send An Extra Email (or several)

So you’ve got your affiliates lined up for your big product launch or promotion. Now what? Getting a certain number of affiliates to mail once or twice for your promotion is one thing, but getting them to mail an extra one or two times (or even double or triple the times) they planned is what will take your affiliate program to the next level.  Today I am going to show you how to get your affiliates to mail about your offer more often.

Self-publishing School with Chandler Bolt affiliate program

Today I’m going share with you 7 ways to get your affiliates to mail more often, which ultimately can double, triple or even exponentially grow your affiliate sales.

How to Bounce Back from Failure the Right Way [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 113

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to get past failure. Failure in a promotion, failure in business, failure in all kinds of things. The problem with failure is that most people handle it wrong. They respond in the wrong way and then change course. Rather than trying the same thing again, they think they have to try something new. Today, I’ll share how successful people bounce back from failure and how you can, too.