Key #4 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Email Frequency in the last 48 Hours) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 163

The number of times an affiliate emailed in the last 48 (and especially 24) hours was the number one factor in closing affiliate sales. So, how do you do this without burning your list and getting a mass of unsubscribes? Today, I share exactly how in key #4 of closing affiliate sales.

Your Affiliate Promotion Isn’t Working…Now What? [VIDEO]

3 Tips For Turning Around Your Affiliate Promotion

Recently I talked about the reasons that an affiliate promotion may not be working. Once you determine WHY your affiliate promotion isn’t working, you then have to figure out WHAT to do to turn it around. In today’s video, I will share with you what to do when your affiliate promotion isn’t working.

Key #3 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Host an AMA) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 162

I’m back with part three of a series on closing affiliate sales. Today, I’m sharing one of the coolest tricks of the trade in my opinion because I’ve seen it work for even the smallest affiliates. It’s hosting an AMA to talk about the affiliate offer. This flat out works! Listen up for how to make the most of it and for some special swipe copy for you.

Key #2 to Closing More Affiliate Sales (Bonuses) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 161

We’re continuing our series on closing affiliate sales with the second key…killer affiliate bonuses. Each of the 11 highest converting affiliates I studied mentioned their bonuses in at least 75% of their open cart emails. Today I share more about great affiliate bonuses and how to create the perfect affiliate bonus package.

Use what you have.
Create nothing if possible.
Fit the offer.
Aim for Equal Value or higher.
Sell them like crazy.

5 Reasons Your Affiliate Promotion Isn’t Working [VIDEO]

Why Your Affiliate Promotion Just Isn't Going Right

Recently I got a question from an affiliate that was promoting an affiliate promotion and it just isn’t working. He was asking WHY it wasn’t working. I responded by asking several questions because there are actually five reasons that an affiliate promotion may not be working as you planned. In today’s video, I share those five reasons so you can avoid finding yourself in this position.

Are You Making This Newbie Affiliate Mistake? [VIDEO]

Making This Mistake Will Lead To Confusion and Frustration

When you get started in affiliate marketing, just like when you start anything, you have a ton of enthusiasm and excitement — which is a good thing. But it can also lead to mistakes that are easily avoidable if you just know what they are. In today’s video, I share one of the most common mistakes that I see new affiliates make.