• That is awesome, Matt. Looking forward to this one!

  • How do I know I’m not just making a list of wishes?

    Ok now that I have made my goals for the year, now what?

    How to stop the cycle of failed goals?

    How does one overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by theirs goals big or small?

  • What do you do when you achieve your goals? Do you take time to celebrate? Do you tell anyone else about the achievement? Do you power on to the next goal?

    • Good ones. That was actually a question I already had…VERY interested in his answer.

  • How do you stay motivated on a daily basis to accomplish those BIG goals you have? Do you use goal cards/confession cards? if so, how? Thanks Matt and looking forward to hearing what Michael says!

  • Michael Hyatt

    Ask him what was his goal when he wrote this: http://www.amazon.com/Y2K-Day-World-Shut-Down/dp/084991387X/ref=asap_B001HOEX92?ie=UTF8 Scam others? Save the world?