Affiliate Opportunity: Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus Productivity Course

The Premier Productivity Course in the World is Launching Again

Last year, Michael Hyatt created a brand new productivity course and released it to his audience.  This year, Free to Focus will be available for affiliates to share with their audiences as well.  We couldn’t be more excited to add this launch to our affiliate offerings for the upcoming year.

I am personally very excited for this launch for four reasons:

How do I Know What Affiliate Launches Are Coming Up? [VIDEO]

30 Days of Q&A - Day Twenty Seven

With all the affiliate launches and programs out there at any time, how can you keep up with them all. That’s the questions Brian Berni asked me recently and I answer it in this video:

Brian, who lives in Italy, asked: How do I keep updated with all that’s out there? How do I know when a course is launching and how do I know when to apply for affiliate programs?

Affiliate Opportunity: Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

Upcoming Best Year Ever Launch

If you’ve been involved in online marketing for more than ten minutes, you’ve probably heard of Michael Hyatt. I’m excited to announce that he is the newest addition to our client roster and he has a HUGE launch coming up in November.

This is particularly exciting for me personally for four reasons: