Business as Usual | A Leadership Lesson from Barry Goldwater

Can “business as usual” be a good thing?

The short answer is “yes.” But there is more to it than that.

Goldwaters Department Store - Barry Goldwater's Business

I mentioned a few days ago that I am currently reading the book, Pure Goldwater by John Dean and Barry Goldwater, Jr. about the latter’s dad, former Senator and 1964 Presidential nominee, Barry Goldwater. The book is a collection of his journal entries that gives us unfiltered access to the mind of a great businessman and public servant.

Rich Beyond Belief

If you are anything like me, you have to be reminded of this every 6-8 minutes.

Brendon Burchard Quote

I vacillate between wanting to change the world and wanting to be independently wealthy by the end of next Tuesday. It’s often a confusing place to be.

The thing that I finally realized as I pondered this quote for some time was that the word “rich” might have nothing to do with money. Oh, if you make a difference in a commercial way (Apple, Google, and Dave Ramsey come to mind), you will be rewarded financially.

But I also have to remember daily how rich I am when I come home to a smiling and running toddler yelling my name. Or when it seems my world is crashing around me and I have a wife who is right there with me. Or when I break the heart of the One who created me only to remember that He redeemed me nearly 2000 years ago.

When you serve your family, you are making a difference. When you honor your marriage or a business contract, you are making a difference. And when you receive grace, refuse to wallow in self-pity, and go out and show others how to do the same, you are making a difference.

The Earth Without Art

The “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”

Perhaps you have heard that before.


The Earth Without Art is "Eh"
Let me put it another way for you though:

The earth without your art is just “eh.”

It’s missing something. It’s missing something only you can bring.

Art is not just what most people typically think of as “art.” It’s not just paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry.

Art is leading well. It’s parenting well. It’s in discovery, invention, and anytime pen hits paper (or fingers hit keyboards). Every email you send has the potential to be art. Every word you speak, every idea you think up in the shower, and every time you welcome your spouse or children home has the potential to be a work of art.