Why You Need Childlike Persistence to Change the World

Have you ever been so exhausted that you just gave up on a goal or dream? Have you ever faced challenges so daunting that you just quit? You don’t look back on that time with fondness, do you?

Develop Childlike Persistence

That’s because you know deep down inside that the moment when the exhaustion was at its peak, your goal or dream was within reach. When you let the fatigue become an excuse to give up, you give in to the enemy of your dreams. Call it Resistance. Call it the devil. Call it fear. Whatever it is, when you give in to fatigue, you give up on greatness.

Last week, in episode 25, I talked about how to beat fatigue. Exercise, supplements, fresh air, hydration, etc. I shared 11 tips and don’t get me wrong, they are all valid or I wouldn’t have shared them. But there is more to the story than just those.

Sometimes fatigue is nothing more than an obstacle that you have to fight through and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.