The 5 Hidden Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Lessons in Greatness from Peter Voogd

Expressing your desire for entrepreneurship 15 years ago would have created laughter and an assumption you’re crazy. The tables have turned, and entrepreneurship has become one of the most respected and intelligent paths to take. It’s saved our economy and continues to move our culture forward.

The 5 Hidden Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Dream “jobs” are disappearing fast, while creating your ideal opportunity is the new normal. A lot of people are getting into entrepreneurship with a blurred perspective. They think all they need is passion and work ethic. Those people are in for a rough ride, unless they learn these simple yet powerful tactics.

The #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer

Did you know that entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than the rest of the population?

That’s nearly six full years longer! Those six years represents a healthier life, which likely represents more joy, which likely leads to better relationships, tighter family units, and so on. Those six years are very important.

But why? Why do entrepreneurs live longer?

Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer Entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than the rest of the population. Find out why: (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

I believe that the reason entrepreneurs live longer comes down to one word:


When many people think of the prototypical entrepreneur, they get a vision of a man or woman working 16 hours a day, pulling his or her hair out from the stress of bills, payrolls, decisions, and the fact that everything rests on him or her.

The lives of every employee and their children are in the entrepreneurs’ hands.

The Perfect Entrepreneurial Mindset

I love this!

Hat tip to Mark Sieverkropp who shared it from Richie Norton’s Instragram page. THIS is the entrepreneurial mindset:

Glass Half Full or Empty? “While you debated whether the glass is empty or full, I SOLD it.” (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook


The successful entrepreneur doesn’t care about:

The economy.

The weather.

Who’s in the White House or Congress.

Why Our 3 Year Old is Better at Business than Most Business Owners

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You’re about to get a business lesson from a toddler.

My not quite three year old daughter wants to start a business.

Not someday. Right now.

And she is smarter at business than most business owners today.

Young Business Owner
Find out why @MattMcWilliams2’s 3-year old daughter is better at business than most business owners today. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Aracelli’s attitude about getting into business is “Why wait?”

She wants to start a candle-making business right now and asked Tara and me for help. So, we’re starting another business…with a toddler.

I was in her room playing with her and (no joke) she said:

“Time to work on our business.”

In reality it was time for her nap, but she did spend a few minutes planning and talking with me.

With no prompting from me, she distilled three powerful business lessons into only a few words.

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A Note to All the Struggling Entrepreneurs in the World

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According the Small Business Administration, almost 90% of all businesses in America fail.

Closed for Business

When I heard that statistic, I wrote this in the hopes that someone, somewhere might read it. And that it would give them hope.

Dear Struggling Entrepreneur,

Fight. Don’t quit.

You’ve gotta be a fighter to be a successful entrepreneur. What you are doing as an entrepreneur is far too important to quit.

Community Matters | John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire Mastermind

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Are you prepared to ignite?

That’s the question that John Lee Dumas asks at the beginning of each episode of his amazing podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. After spending nearly an hour with him yesterday being interviewed for an upcoming episode, I consider John a friend. After listening to approximately half of his more than 300 episodes, I am on fire.

My episode will air in the next two months. In it I share my entrepreneurial journey. I also asked John to share a very important tip about community for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all leaders alike.

Entrepreneur on Fire Mastermind Community
Take it away John…

Don’t go it Alone, Community Matters

The good old 9 to 5. Health insurance, regular paychecks and a built-in community of individuals who are there to help you when you have questions, support you when you’re prepping for that big presentation and who motivate you when you’re having a bad day.

You ARE an Entrepreneur. You WILL Change the World

Most of us have an entrepreneurial spirit whether we realize it or not.

Entrepreneurs Change the World

You’ve probably started more businesses than you realize. Yes, I am counting your lawncare business when you were ten. Yes, I am counting the spy agency you started when you were twelve. And yes, I am even counting the time you thought you could somehow profit from making a giant ball of rubber bands (or was that just me?).

Most kids started businesses what seemed like all the time.

As a child you said…

When you were a child, you saw problems with the world and said:

“I need to do something about that.”

“I should _____.”

“I can solve that.”

The Two Critical Components to Failing Well | Failing Forward

There are two critical components to failing well.

First, it can’t be fatal.

Second, you must learn from it.

If you follow these two guidelines, future failures will rock your world in positive ways.

Two components of failing well

There is only one type of failure that you should make every effort to avoid: fatal failure.

Of course, this literally includes life and death, but it also applies to anything that could kill your dream, your business, or tear apart relationships.

Why You Want to Hire Entrepreneurs | Hiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit

“You should hire more entrepreneurial types,” I told a friend recently.

“But that would be total chaos,” he replied.

Child entrepreneurs at a lemonade stand

He is right. It would be total chaos. But it would also result in team members who are deeply invested in the performance of their division or team, just like an entrepreneur.