How to Let Go of Expectations & Get Your Confidence Back After Defeat

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You had great expectations, but you fell short. Now what?


How do you let go of expectations and regain your confidence?

If you missed part one yesterday, check it out here.

As promised yesterday, today I give you my five steps for letting go of expectations and getting your confidence back.

  1. Give yourself grace. Be nice to yourself. Don’t call yourself a name or tell others how pathetic you are. Talk to yourself as you would a hurting friend. It really is going to be OK.

What is The Fundamental Attribution Error? | The Advantage P. Lencioni

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When someone messes up or wrongs you, do you assume the best or the worst in the offender?

What about when you do the same to others?

Fundamental Attribution Error Cartoon

You knew the answers to both questions immediately. When others wrong you or mess up, you assume the worst. You assume they have a fundamental character flaw that caused them to do what they did.

But when you mess up?

Just the opposite. It was due to environmental conditions out of your control or to a conscious choice to better mankind with an alternative choice.