Are You Trading Your Birthright for This? Jacob and Esau

Your bowl of stew is costing you more than you think!

Say what? That sentence kind of made me want to break out into Tina Turner…”What’s stew got to do, got to do with it?” Yeah…about that.

Jacob gets Esau's birthright for stew
“Your bowl of stew is costing you more than you think!” -@ZechariaNewman (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

So what does stew got to do with anything? Well, that’s what Zechariah Newman shared with me recently. He said I can call him Zech, but you should probably stick to his full name. Zech writes and speaks about finding your calling and restoring significance to your life. He’s a smart dude, so check out his site after you read this.

You Can Make Others Believe

You can’t make someone else want something as bad as you.

Or can you?

Flock of Sheep
When you want something bad enough, it consumes your thoughts. You visualize it. You cut out pictures of what you want and put it on your bathroom mirror. You pray for it. You share your longing with others.

But you’ve been told that you can’t make others believe. If you are a leader, you’re told that no one will want what you want as bad as you want it. You’ve been told that you can’t make others see what you see.