How to Know if Your Launch Will be Successful

What Should be in Place for Your First Launch?

You have a product ready. You know it will change people’s lives. The question you ask yourself now is: “Will my launch be successful?” How can you know if your launch will be successful?

Will be product launch be successful?

This is the exact question I get asked frequently. Here’s a recent example from a reader:

Do you have criteria for “what should be in place” to judge whether a launch would be successful or not? (Email list numbers, FB page Likes etc..)

The Guarantee of Success

Humans are intrinsically wired to do things which have a certain guarantee of success. Even climbing Mount Everest, where 1.6% of climbers die trying, has a success rate of 50%. In other words, you are 31 times more likely to reach the summit than die…sounds appealing.

We want to know if we are ready to launch. We want to make sure everything is in order to guarantee success.

What if I Don’t Want to Lead? | Reluctant Leader by Robert Kennedy III

The title of this post presents a valid question…what if you don’t want to be a leader?

I know, it’s hard for “natural leaders” to understand this mentality. (There is no such thing as a “natural leader” by the way)

But some people simply do not want to be leaders. What if that is you?

Reluctant Leader Duck

I’ve asked Robert Kennedy III to answer that very question. Robert is an educator/trainer/coach at heart. He loves to help people create hope, generate excitement and a belief in their capacity to change lives, starting with their own. He is a motivator-extraordinaire! He lives in Baltimore County, He lives with his family in Maryland where he runs his business and is active as a leader in his local church. He is also the author of a phenomenal book, 28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment.