Affiliate Opportunity: Marc Guberti’s Content Marketing Success Summit

Over and over I hear from people that their #1 challenge with their online business is building their brand and email list.  That is why I am so excited to share Marc Guberti’s Content Marketing Success Summit with you.  Marc is bringing together over 50 content marketing experts to help your audience get their ideas into the world. And it’s a great affiliate opportunity.

Strategies for affiliate marketing with Matthew Loomis

How to Recruit Affiliates for your Virtual Summit

This is a guest post from Mark Sieverkropp, our senior affiliate manager and resident summit expert. He has run summits such as the Peak Work Performance Summit, The Work By Design Summit and the World Record-Breaking summit, The Authority Super Summit in addition to dozens of product launches.

Recently Matt and I had a conversation with a friend of ours who was wanting to recruit affiliates for her upcoming virtual summit.  As we gave her some suggestions, I realized that, while many recruiting techniques are the same, regardless of whether you’re running a summit or a product launch, there are a few key differences.  So Matt asked me to share some of those tips with you.

how to recruit affiliates for your virtual summit

When we first began running virtual summits, we basically took our playbook for affiliate product launches and applied it to summits.

How to Promote More Without Being Overly Promotional

30 Days of Q&A - Day Twenty Four

One of the biggest struggles of online entrepreneurs is balancing their need for income with their desire to not be overly promotional. This is particularly true with affiliate promotions. So, how do you promote more without crossing the line? That’s the topic of today’s video:

The amazing teenage entrepreneurial phenom, Marc Guberti recently asked me:”What is your advice to be a part of as many affiliate programs as possible without feeling like you’re getting tangled or being over promotional?”