Episode 071: The Shocking Similarity Among Great Leaders

Since the dawn of time, most great leaders have had one thing in common. It’s not often highlighted in the annals of leadership. It’s rarely written about or listed as a strategic advantage. It might surprise you, but it’s responsible for freeing nations, leading movements, and inspiring generations.

Episode 071: The Shocking Similarity Among Great Leaders

The shocking similarity among great leaders is that they were angry. More importantly, they used their anger.

Episode 061: Act as If

What do you really want to be? What do you really want to do? What do you really want to have?

Episode 061: Act as If

Those are three powerful questions that you probably rarely ask yourself. More likely you say things like:

“If only I ____.”

“If I could just ____.”

“I’d settle for ____.”

And you sell yourself short. You aim for mediocrity…and that is exactly what you get. But there is always a gnawing deep in your soul to be more, to do more, to have more.

Today you’ll learn a technique that will make it possible to experience more.

Episode 31: The Seven-Year Old Who Can Change the World [PODCAST]

I had an interesting experience a while ago as I left my office for the night. I met a seven-year old who I think embodies what it is to be a World Changer. And she probably doesn’t even know it. This very brief discussion with a seven-year old really lit a fire in me and was one of the inspirations for this podcast.

Child Entrepreneur who can change the world

Seven-year old Jalen asked me, “Do you like Burger King?

I told her that I don’t and she mentioned that she was trying to sell a coupon for a free burger for a dollar.

“Is that for school?” I asked.

“No. I found it in the newspaper and I’m trying to sell it. It’s worth two dollars and I’m going to sell it for a dollar.”

It’s that attitude that I believe more of us need and that’s what I share in today’s podcast.

Why I Hate SMART Goals but Love DREAM Goals

I hate SMART goals.

Don’t get me wrong, they are well-intentioned and I believe there is a place for them, but we’ve taken them too far. When we rely on SMART goals, we forget to think big, to shoot for the moon, to dream.

Why I hate SMART Goals When we rely on SMART goals, we forget to think big, to shoot for the moon, to dream. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Yesterday I asked: Do you want to live a life of adventure? I asked what a life of adventure would look like for you. I asked you to think ahead to the moment we all reach when you’re looking back on the life you’ve lived. Do you want to say as Tom Preston-Werner, the founder of Github, says:

‘Wow, that was an adventure,’ not ‘Wow, I sure felt safe.’

I do. And that is why I think SMART goals have gone too far.

SMART goals don’t make history

Putting a man on the moon was not a SMART goal. It was crazy. It was daring and dangerous. And it was inspiring.

Stories abound of children from that generation who saw John F. Kennedy announce that goal and something lit up inside of them. It inspired a nation.

The Shocking Common Trait of Great Leaders: Anger

Since the dawn of time, great leaders have had one thing in common:


But not the kind of anger you probably thought of immediately.

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever Michael Hyatt Great leaders hate mediocrity. Average makes them sick. They use their anger to drive them. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Great leaders are angry.

Angry at the status quo.

Angry at average.

Remembering Nelson Mandela and his Six Life Lessons

The world truly lost a legend yesterday.

Nelson Mandela was a champion of principle. He fought for what he believed in and left a legacy for the entire world.

Life lessons from Nelson Mandela

Last night, as the news broke of Nelson Mandela’s death, I tweeted:

How is it that a man in his position could rise to worldwide prominence? How is it that hundreds of years from now, people will use the words “modern-day Nelson Mandela” to describe another man or woman? And how can we leave a legacy like he has?

Odds are that none of us will ever go through what Mandela went through in his life. He spent 27 years in prison, often in conditions so dreary and dark that it led to him developing a case of tuberculosis shortly before his release in 1990. And yet we can all learn six powerful traits from him.