Your Team Wants These 2 Things More Than Anything | To Feel Valued

Your team wants two things more than anything else.

They are the same two things we all want more than just about anything else.

To feel valued and to be surrounded by the right people.


If you’re new this week, this is the last installment in a four-part series on the 8 Things Your Team REALLY Wants. We’ve been talking about Simon, the founder and leader of a $200 Million startup that was losing mid-level VPs and managers at an alarming rate. I’ve used his struggles as an example to show you those eight things.

What Would Sam Walton Think of Today’s Wal-Mart? | Ten Rules

It’s been twenty-one years since Sam Walton passed away.

His Ten Rules for Building a Business are still posted on Wal-Mart’s web site…but are they living up to them?

Original Wal-Mart Sam Walton

Sam Walton’s Ten Rules for Building a Business are found in his book, Sam Walton: Made In America.

Let’s look at each of them one by one and see where Wal-Mart stands today. Regardless of whether they still practice these principles, it doesn’t change the truth of them. They are excellent primers for all business leaders.

1. Commit to your business.

As a leader, you have to believe in your business more than anyone else does. If you aren’t the leader, believing in the business more than anyone else does goes a long way towards becoming a leader.

Commitment means passion, intensity, and willingness to sacrifice for the business.

What Great Leaders do in a Crisis | Leading in a Crisis

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Great leaders thrive in a crisis.

It’s when times are toughest and everyone around is shirking responsibility and running away, that great leaders shine.

The greats don’t love crises. No normal person does. But a crisis seems to bring out the best in the greats, while at the same time bringing out the worst in others.

Crisis Leadership

So what separates the great leaders from the average ones?

1. Preparation

The first thing great leaders do better than everyone else is prepare for crises.

Crises are not dealt with properly the moment they occur. They are prepared for during all of the time you spend with your team up to that point.

When Leaders Keep Secrets – The Case for Open Leadership

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When leaders keep secrets, it handicaps their entire organization.

It always backfires.

Case for Open Leadership - No Secrets

I’m not talking about the kind of secrets involving personal lives or why a person was fired. Those can be legitimately held secrets. I’m talking secrets about the company itself.

I’ve been around secretive leaders and around open leaders. I’ve never seen a secretive leader who didn’t have insanely high turnover. I’ve never seen an open leader who wasn’t respected by his team and had leaders who had been there since the beginning.