Lessons from Dad (Or…What You Feel vs. What is Real)

What you feel and what is real aren’t always the same thing.

Golf SunsetAs the sun set on another Tennessee spring day, my father and I stood alone on the driving range at his golf course. I launched one more golf ball into the air like a streaking black bullet penetrating a breathtaking crimson sky. It had been a long day of practice and my golf swing felt horrible. I had a tournament in three days and I was beyond frustrated.

“What you feel and what is real are not always the same thing,” my father said, invoking a familiar refrain. At 17 years old, familiar parental refrains are usually met by a roll of the eyes. This moment was no exception.

What my father meant was that in the golf swing, what I feel like I am doing and what I am actually doing (reality) are not always the same. While I may feel like I, for instance, kept my right knee flexed perfectly during the swing, the reality is that it moved quite a bit.