Quality Life Made Simple – Podcast on the #ThankYouRevolution

The Thank You Revolution continues to spread.

The Thank You Revolution by Matt McWillliams

I recently had the opportunity to hang out with Joshua Rivers on his new podcast, Quality Life Made Simple, and talk about the Thank You Revolution. Listen here.

After listening, what actions can you take?

  1. If you have not read the book, Two Powerful Words: Revolutionize Your Work, Your Relationships, and Your Life with the Power of Gratitude!, get it now.
  2. If you have not joined the Thank You Revolution, do so now.
  3. Tell two people about the Revolution today.
  4. Write a thank you note to someone this week from whom you expect nothing in return. Thank a volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Thank a member of the military or a teacher at a school across town. Find someone that most likely can do nothing for you and let them know they are appreciated.

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