Episode 042: 12 Steps – 10 Lessons I Learned from Being in a Recovery Program [PODCAST]

A few years ago, I spent time in a recovery group. My goal in the group was to learn more about why I was often so angry and to learn how to avoid it turning into the rage I so often felt. What I learned along the way was surprising, though. I learned ten amazing lessons about living with passion, leading with purpose, and ultimately leaving a legacy of which I could be proud.

Leadership lessons from the 12 steps

Through the process of attending the meetings and getting to know the members, I learned the most important lesson of all that I want to share before I share the other ten lessons.

When I attending my first meeting, I will admit that I entered with the attitude that my problems were not as bad as everyone else’s problems. In other words, my poop didn’t stink as badly as the rest of them people there.

If I am abundantly clear, I looked down on everyone else there.