The Hidden Danger of Playing the Blame Game

Why We Do It...and How to Stop

For 36 years, I blamed someone or something else for most of my problems. For a brief moment in time, when things went wrong, it felt good to pass the buck. It was a relief to blame others and not take responsibility for my problems. Here’s what it got me…

The Hidden Danger of Playing the Blame Game


That’s it. It got me nothing. It led me nowhere.

Why We Play the Blame Game

But it was so easy, though. And that is why we play the blame game. It feels easier in the moment.

Episode 069: How to be a Cycle Breaker

Does your family have a negative history? What about your job? Is there something that it seems you inherited or as “always been that way?” If so, you are the one to break the cycle. In today’s podcast episode, I’ll show you how.

How to be a Cycle Breaker

That’s right. I declared that you are a cycle breaker.

You can break the negative cycles of your father, your mother, your grandparents, your predecessor at work, or your team’s performance. You are capable of putting an end to anything you put your mind to.