Affiliate Opportunity: Secrets of Closing The Sale with Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington

Zig Ziglar's Sales Training Like You've Never Seen It Before!

No name is more synonymous with “sales” and “selling” than Zig Ziglar.  For decades Zig used timeless wit and wisdom to teach generations how to sell effectively as well as his proven secrets to closing the sale.  Now you have the chance to share Zig’s sales principles and techniques combined with modern application from Kevin Harrington, one of the original “Sharks” from television’s hit show, Shark Tank. This launch is destined to be the best launch of 2018!

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The ONE Word That Dramatically Increases Your Affiliate Sales [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 120

There is a single word that can make all the difference in your affiliate promotions. I just finished doing some research that I wanted to share with you from a recent promotion and it blew my mind. Today, I share that word and how to use it in your affiliate campaigns.

The #1 Reason You Suck at Selling

...and What to do About It

We’ve all been there. We’ve created a product or a service. Or perhaps it’s someone else’s product or service. We know it works but when it comes time to sell…the proverbial light switch fails to turn on.


I’ve been there multiple times. Heck, multiple times every year.

The First Time I Tried to Sell

I remember the first time I tried to sell anything online. It was 2003 and I was flat out broke. I was 24 years old, still living with my mom, and living off of $1 frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets (to this day I can’t stand those things).

In other words, I needed the money. The next check wasn’t about getting to the next level or achieving my dreams. It was the difference between eating and not eating. I’d just been fired by my dad (yes that happened) and I was too driven (some say stubborn) to go on unemployment.

But I knew I had a good service to offer. In fact, at that time, I was the only person I knew of offering it. My problem was convincing potential clients that they needed what I offered.

Lesson from USAA: What More Sales? Walk a Mile in Customers’ Shoes

If you want to influence people, you have to understand them first.

If you want more sales, more followers, or more raving fans, you have to walk a mile (or ten) in their shoes.

Soldiers running a marathon

Last year, I ran my first half marathon.

The first two people to take off from the starting line were two soldiers, dressed in full gear. I’m talking camouflage pants and coats, boots, and a nearly 100-pound backpack. For 13.1 miles!

As I passed them near the one-mile marker and then watched them cross the finish line long after me (I’m bragging that I beat two guys carrying the equivalent of my wife on their backs!), I realized something:

If You Build It…They Won’t Come | Small Business Marketing

Life isn’t like Field of Dreams. Just because you build something it doesn’t mean anyone will use it.

Open for Business Sign

Just because you open a business, create a killer product, offer top-notch consulting services at competitive prices, or incorporate yourself doesn’t mean that people will flock to give you money. The fact is that most businesses fail because of their marketing and sales.

Four Magic Leadership Words

“I believe in you.”

Those are four words that are not said enough by leaders. They are not said enough by parents, coaches, teachers, or team leaders.

Yet, those four words can bring out the very best in your team members, children, or students.

I believe in you. Child on bike with father.

I believe in you. I am rooting for you. I know that you will accomplish this.

Belief in Action

In early 2006, I was a part of a four-person company. Naturally, I did nearly everything during my 16 hour days and my assistant did everything I didn’t do (mostly customer service and billing), but she did not do sales. That is until we absolutely needed her.