How to SERVE Your Audience by Promoting Affiliate Offers

It's Not All About the Commissions

Many people think that promoting affiliate offers is all about the commissions. But it can be a great way to SERVE your audience. I show you how in this video.

When you do affiliate marketing right, it’s a great way to be of service to your tribe. And you benefit in ways beyond just the commissions.

Four Ways to Express Gratitude

What is your favorite way to express or receive gratitude?

My friend, Mark Sieverkropp, has four great ways to express gratitude, which at first glance might seem obvious, but unfortunately are rarely practiced.

Four Ways to Express Gratitude - Mark Sieverkropp

Mark is a blogger and student of business, leadership and self-improvement. He has a passion for encouraging, empowering and connecting leaders and entrepreneurs to enhance their impact and expand their influence. He writes an often thought-provoking and always entertaining blog about those topics, so check it out here.

Here is what Mark has to say about expressing gratitude:

Let me start by saying, Matt’s Thank You Revolution has changed my life.