What to do Before Every Meeting

If you are a meeting leader, you will want to read this.
If you are a meeting attendee, you will want to read this.


Handshake before a meeting

Whether you are leading a meeting or just attendee (“just” attending, as though that is unimportant), what you do before every meeting is important.

I’m not even talking about making an agenda, setting up the chairs right, or making sure your PowerPoint works well. You can read some great tips from Tom Dixon and from me here and here on meetings. Those cover the basics.

Five Killer Meeting Tips from Tom Dixon

Raise your hand if you like meetings.

Even at the finish line of a marathon, that is a question sure not to cause a stink. (Get it? Marathon…sweaty people…stink? OK, good.)

Whether you are one of the eleven people worldwide who raised their hand to that question or you are like the 99.9999% of us who hate meetings, you want them to be better. So I brought in Tom Dixon to offer some helpful tips.

Tom Dixon Meeting Tips - Leadership
Tom left a great comment a few weeks ago in my post, Do This in Your Next Meeting. It Works.

One trick I’ve learned as a meeting participant is to play back one or two sentences that recap what I’ve taken away from the discussion…this can be helpful to others to solidify what was discussed as well as a chance for the group to clarify any points I didn’t get right.

Tom normally writes at his blog, Monday is Good where he offers practical career help. He believes it is possible to look forward to Monday. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter too. You won’t regret it.