Top 10 Mistakes Affiliates Make on Social Media

These Blunders Could be Hurting Your Commissions and Your Brand

I’m not sure if you heard but social media is a big deal. And it’s evolving every five minutes. As social media has grown in popularity and impact, so have the number of mistakes entrepreneurs make, especially when promoting affiliate offers.

Mistakes affiliates make on social media

Today I’m sharing the top 10 mistakes affiliates make on social media. I’ve purposely kept them outlet-neutral, since tomorrow there will be a new one and by next week something will die out. These apply to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever pops up later today.

How I Got a 400% Increase in Tweets per Blog Post | Click to Tweet

Beginning four months ago, I saw a 400% increase in the number of tweets per blog post I write.

How? And why should you care?

Increase your click to tweet response

If you are a blogger, you should care because I am about to show you how to do the same thing I did.

If you are not a blogger, I am about to share a killer marketing tip with you.

If neither of these intrigues you, I promise punch and pie to one random person who leaves a comment on this post, so at the very least scan it, read the question, and let me know your thoughts. (Special note: Punch and/or pie only valid to Burmese residents named Tim)

The Lie of Influence

Influence isn’t something that you can measure with numbers.


Mentoring a child is real influence

I used to care about things like my Klout score, my Twitter followers, and my blog subscribers. One day twenty people would sign-up, the next day only three. And I’d wonder, “What did I do wrong on the three-subscriber day?”

But a funny thing often happened on those days. Those were the days when I got emails and comments that said:

Your post today changed my life.

I now have the courage to talk to my boss.

I will be a better father today.

When I get to work, I’m going to finally have that talk I’ve needed to have with one of my team members.

Thank you for being there and sharing your life with your friends/fans/followers!