The Beauty of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Keep Your Eyes Open and See What Happens

There is little beauty inside of your comfort zone. I’ve found time and time again that true beauty is found when you step outside of your comfort zone and keep your eyes open for what’s out there. I recently finished a record-breaking run for me and when I finished, I shot this short video for you. The message: Keep your eyes open and see what happens.

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Song: Keep Your Eyes Open

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Question: What is your great unknown? What is holding you back from stepping into it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Mauro Juarez

    Excellent video, Matt! Keep it up.

  • Alessandro

    Really touched by your enthusiasm

    • Alessandro

      Feel happy to share as we are all involved in this amazing discovering of ourselves

      • Thank you Allesandro 🙂

        • Alessandro

          hard work, but worth, hope to have time enough…..

  • Dr. Michael Hudson

    Excellent message Matt. Eyes open is a powerful concept that often gets lost in the hectic pace of the day. Your message reminded me of something I discovered when I got serious about meditation a few months ago…it made me more present and (odd as it may seem) I found myself noticing trees in a much different way. They had been there before, but I was too focused (or maybe the reality is that I was too unfocused) to see them. Keep doing GREAT WORK!

    • Isn’t that cool Michael? When you start noticing things you never did before…love it!