What Realism Really Is | Bob Rotella Quote

Think realism is a sign of maturity? Think again. I came across this highlight from a book I have read many times, Life is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella.

Are you allowing “realism” to cause limiting beliefs?

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  • Katherine Leicester

    YES. It’s also a sign of immaturity, and it makes your neighbors and family miserable.

    How do I know? Don’t ask. I’m working my way through the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” and it’s proving quite valuable.

    Excellent post, Matt. Lights my fire for the day, as always! Thank you!

  • Ummm, did you write this to me, Matt? Because, realistically speaking, this makes me sort of squirmy.

    What is the opposite of realism? I thought it was magical thinking. Maybe it is time for a new dictionary!

    • I absolutely did!

      The opposite of realism is accurate thinking.

  • I’ve been trying to not be realistic lately! I’d rather be clear in my thinking, confident, and creative.

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