If your audience is looking to start a business and wants to do so profitably…sooner rather than later…this opportunity is for you.

Ryan Levesque isn’t exactly new to online marketing. In fact, he’s written multiple top-selling books for online marketers and has been featured across national media including Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, NBC, & Fox.

He oversees a 5-time INC 5000 Company which ranks #50 for the fastest growing Education Company in the United States.

Ryan and his team have helped entrepreneurs like Michael Hyatt and Amy Porterfield revolutionize their businesses. Platform University introduced their quiz and increased their monthly revenue from cold traffic by 61%.

Their quiz funnel software, bucket.io, has had over 30 million + users in just the past 12 months.

Enough said?

I’m excited about this opportunity because:

1.  Ryan’s a proven online marketing winner. This BRAND NEW Online Training Program is based on his wildly successful $5K LIVE QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp…which, by the way, has sold over $1M+ in the past 12 months! There’s EVERY reason to think QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 will surpass that with all the training and bonuses Ryan’s packed into it. Based on what Ryan and his team have learned over the past 18 months from testing, tweaking and optimizing, QFM 3.0 has been recreated, reimagined and revisioned for the emerging world of Web 3.0.  

2. He’s every affiliate’s dream! Ryan knows that going the extra mile to make affiliates happy is good for everyone. And he walks the talk. Whether this is your FIRST affiliate promotion, or you’re aiming to make a MILLION dollars, Ryan and his team have one goal: to help make this your MOST successful promotion of the entire year. There’s $2 Million in cash and prizes up for grabs. Higher commissions! And you get paid in 14 days!


About QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0

QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 Is The Next Big Thing…

Everywhere you look, the world is changing. And that is especially true in digital marketing.

Just consider the following shifts…

…from Big Tech to Data Privacy…

…from 3rd Party Data to Zero Party Data…

…from algorithm to individual choice…

…from spying to ASKing…

It’s never been more important to own your own data and build trust!

And Ryan Levesque’s QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 is just the program people need to thrive in this new 3.0 world that we are embarking on.

Don’t worry…Ryan’s got the chops to lead the charge…

To date, his ASK Masterclass has sold over $10M!

This freshly-minted Online Training Program is based on his wildly successful $5K LIVE QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp…which has sold over $1M+ in the past 12 months.

And…it includes EARLY ACCESS to his brand new Bucket 2.0 ENTERPRISE QUIZ Funnel Software (v1.0 is currently used by over 30M people worldwide.)

QFM 3.0 is based on 18 months of testing, tweaking and optimizing over the last 18 months.

Emerging out of the all the reimagining and reinventing…QUIZCart!

QUIZCart lets you…

   …converts clicks into customers

   …create custom checkout pages

   …build 1-click upsell flows

All based on QUIZ answers!

Could it get any better?


With this offer, Ryan’s team is going to BUILD YOUR QUIZ FOR YOU.

They’ve used this strategy to generate over $32M from 23 different markets building an audience of over 4.1M email subscribers across their own businesses.

Over 30 Million+ users have completed a bucket.io® QUIZ Funnel in the past 12 months worldwide.

His work has been featured across national media including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, USA Today & Forbes, as well as on national TV including NBC News & Fox News.

What’s Included:

This QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 online training features:

  • Module 1 – Your QUIZ Hook
  • Module 2 – Your QUIZ Questions
  • Module 3 – Your Post-QUIZ Offer
  • Module 4 – Your QUIZ Pages
  • Module 5 -Your Traffic Strategy
  • Module 6 – Optimization & Beyond

This Masterclass Training Also Includes:

  • Live Q&A Calls with recordings available
  • Live Funnel Reviews
  • Step-by-Step Checklists & Templates
  • The Ultimate QUIZ Swipe File
  • Private Student Community
  • Lifetime Access to the Training
  • Access to the NEW Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software
  • And the Mother of All Bonuses…Ryan and his team will build your quiz for you!

And, if you want to experience the “red velvet cord” treatment…consider this…

VIP Upgrade (additional one-time charge of $500) 

    • Tested for 18 months
    • In addition to the Standard Option (included)
      • Web 3.0 Funnel Training
      • QUIZ Funnels: The Ultimate Web 3.0 Funnel
      • All standard bonuses
      • Bucket.IO Enterprise Account
      • DFY “Build Your QUIZ” Super Bonus
    • All Standard Features Plus
      • Traffic & Advertising:  The Future of Advertising in a cookie-less world
      • Digital Products:  Using Blockchain, Tokens, & NFTs in Your Products
      • Data & Privacy:  Going from relying on 3rd-Party to Zero-Party data
      • Email & Text Marketing:  The future of follow-up in the post iOS 15 world
    • Plus:  Priority DFY and Q&A VIP Access Pass
    • Plus:  Verified Course Completion NFT Certificate that will be permanent

Target Audience:

So, WHO is this offer for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to Generate More Leads & Customers Online…
  • Anyone looking to Build Your List & Grow Your Audience profitably…
  • Businesses owners who Sell Multiple Products or…
  • Anyone who sells ONE product/service that potentially helps Different Types of People…
  • Anyone who sells E-Comm, Information Products, Coaching, Consulting, & Affiliate Marketing…

…and even Complete Beginners who are starting from scratch…

2022 Launch Dates:


SYMPOSIUM:  The WEB 3.0 Future (Jun 6-12)

This FREE 5-Day Symposium reveals how the new Web 3.0 Era is changing Digital Marketing as we know it forever.  Each day will feature a new WEB 3.0 topic:  Traffic & Advertising, Email Marketing, Product & Offers, Data & Privacy, ending in Funnels


WORKSHOP:  QUIZ Funnel Workshop (Jun 13-19)

This is a LIVE 3-PART PLF Pre-Launch.  PLC 1 (Mon, Jun 13), PLC 2 (Wed, Jun 15), PLC 3 (Fri Jun 17) with LIVE Q&A sessions in between each season (Tue/Thu/Sat).  This phase ends with the Early Bird (EB) Sales Webinar and Open Cart.


OPEN CART:  Webinars/Livestream (Jun 20-26)

This week-long OPEN CART (Jun 20th) phase will feature a BIG WEBINAR (Tue, Jun 21st), ALL-DAY LIVESTREAM (Thu, Jun 23rd) and student SUCCESS PANEL.  This phase culminates with CART CLOSE Sunday night at 11:59PM US PT.


The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 Payment Options

Full Pay…1 Payment of $2,499 (+$99/month after 30 days)

Pay Plan…3 Payments of $999 (+$99/month after 30 days)

GUARANTEE: 14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. All they ask is that you complete the course work from Module 1 to show them that you at least gave it a try. If, after completing the work from Module 1, you decide that the course isn’t for you, simply let them know and you’ll receive a swift and full refund.


  • $2 Million+ in CASH Prizes & Commission
  • 40% Commission per sale up to $1,400 per sale vs. previously $800
  • $100,000 1st Place Sales Contest CASH Prize

Commissions are paid within 14 days or less.

Ryan routinely writes six-figure checks to his top partners and pays out over 100+ affiliates every year. Whether this is your FIRST affiliate promotion, or you’re aiming to make a MILLION dollars, their goal is simple: To help make this your MOST successful promotion of the entire year.

Affiliates who have committed to promote so far:

Past partners include some of the living legends of online marketing. Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Eben Pagan, Todd Herman, Josh Turner, Christian Mickelsen, and more.

Next Steps:

The opportunity to promote the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 is by invitation only.

If you would like to promote this offer, please provide your FULL contact information and apply to become an affiliate by visiting this link here: QuizLaunch.com

Once they review your information and you’ve agreed to and accepted their affiliate partner terms and conditions and have been accepted as a partner, they will provide you with launch assets, including swipe copy, images, and your affiliate links as well as access to your affiliate area to track all your stats.


Just look at some of these results…



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