If you have a list of marketers, salespeople, business owners, or anyone looking to sell something, you need to read this. This spring, Ray Edwards is launching his absolutely amazing Copywriting Academy…and we’d love to have you join the launch.

Here’s what you need to know about this awesome launch and 5 reasons YOU should join.

About the Course

This is the copywriting course Ray’s readers, students, and JV Partners begged him for. This is a complete (but concise) course on how to write copy that sells, without seeming “salesy”. Both direct-to-camera and screen-capture tutorial video, also includes templates and worksheets.

This is our fourth JV Launch of this product.  Our first JV Launch (October 2015) of this product was a smash hit…the second and third launches (March 2016 and 2017) were even bigger…and in each one our JV Partners had big paydays. Not only that, but STUDENTS love this course and are raving about it!

One of the greatest conversion-booster for this launch will be some KILLER video Case Studies, showcasing ordinary people getting extraordinary results with our coaching program. So while we hit a home run in October, this upcoming launch should perform even better!

Testimonials for Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy

Target Audience

This course is an in-demand resource for bloggers, consultants, coaches, Internet Marketers, Social Media experts, and “Platform Builders” who know the power of direct response copywriting… but who can’t afford to hire a top-flight copywriter.

If any of this describes you, but your list isn’t a good fit, sign-up for Ray’s free training. I’ll send it out, so make sure to look out for it.



Course includes lifetime access to the members area, the right to download and keep all materials, and major bonuses.

Affiliate Commission

You get big rewards for helping your list… 40% for each course sale (roughly $800).

Plus it’s a lifetime cookie, so this could benefit you for months or even years.  We had affiliates who promoted the first launch earn major conversions during the second launch just from traffic they sent during the first launch!

PLUS…some awesome prizes that we will announce later.

Promotional Resources

You’ll have everything you need — done for you and ready to go:

Swipe copy for email and social media. Banner ads and more will be provided as well.

Important Dates


February 5-23, 2018

We will have more information on PLC content, etc. as we get closer to the launch.

About Ray

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned Copywriter and Communications Strategist. He has helped sell over $100 million in products and services for clients like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Frank Kern, Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Davis, and many more.

Ray is also the author of several books on copywriting and marketing, and the host of the top-rated iTunes business podcast, “The Ray Edwards Show.”

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5 Reasons To Join This Launch

1. The Product is Proven

Simply put, you can be proud to support this launch. That is rule #1 of affiliate marketing.

Students get results. If you are in doubt, go listen to this interview with John Lee Dumas and Ray.

2. The Prizes are Super Cool

We are doing a lot of cool gadgets, prizes and experience prizes.

We aren’t ready to announce this year’s prizes, but rest assured, there will be tons of great prizes for Top 10 plus guaranteed sales prizes that all affiliates can win!

For last year’s launch, the top 10 partners (plus a few others…so anyone can win this) won tickets to a 2-day mastermind with Ray and other top performers in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Check out these pictures from the mastermind:

As the launch gets closer we’ll be announcing prizes to the affiliates that are signed up for the launch.

3. We’re Running It

Alright, I know that sounds a bit self-serving, but I include so you’ll know this launch will be run well.

4. The PLC (FREE) Content is Awesome

The best part is, regardless of whether or not they purchase a thing from Ray, they still get amazing content that will transform their businesses and life.

Ray is a teacher at heart and in the PLC content for this launch, he delivers MASSIVE value.

There will be 5 pieces of pre-launch content (3 videos with audio downloads and 2 ebooks) PLUS 4 webinars. The PLC content alone is worth the price of the course.

But, I promise, your audience will thank you whether they spend $1997+ or $0.

5. The Numbers are Legit

Here’s a nerdy breakdown of the stats from the last launch:

Top affiliate EPC: $24.78

Top affiliate optin rate: 78%

Overall optin rate: 41%

Overall EPC: $6.36

Every single one of those numbers will be higher this time around. We’ve taken the lessons from the last launch and re-engineered everything.

The funnel converts and you’ll make a great ROI on your clicks.

Bonus Reason

As you participate in this launch, you’ll get better at copywriting…that’s a great fringe benefit!

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