Every once in a while a company comes along and disrupts the status quo.  That is what Ultimate Bundles has done to affiliate launches.  The folks at Ultimate Bundles have created sales events that are exciting, attractive and span several different niches and categories.  If you are looking for a great affiliate program that is fun, profitable and well run, read on.

Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

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Why I’m Excited About The Ultimate Bundles Program

  1. Covers Several Niches.  This is one of the coolest things about the Ultimate Bundles program.  These are promotions just for online marketers or bloggers.  Their promotions span 4 separate areas: family, health, business, and lifestyle (more on those below).  So regardless of your audience’s interests, there is probably a promotion that will be a perfect fit!
  2. Proven Track Record. You’d be hard pressed to find a company that has more customers than Ultimate Bundles.  They have run some of their promotions for over 5 years and have hundreds of thousands (yes, you read that right) of customers.  They have more than proven the concept, process, and funnels for their promotions, which leads to my next reason…
  3. Great Commissions and Conversions. The Ultimate Bundles program pays very good commissions.  Affiliates earn 40% commissions on sales and their earnings per click on the last three launches were all over $2 — with top performing affiliates earning $5-10 per click.  Like I said above, they have their process dialed in and it just flat-out converts!
  4. Ryan, Stephanie, and their team KNOW affiliate marketing. Ryan and Stephanie Langford are the founders of Ultimate Bundles and are good friends.  They have promoted several launches that my team has run (and have done VERY well…), so they understand what it’s like to be an affiliate and work hard to provide great training and support for their affiliates.  I have also done consulting with their team to take their affiliate program to the next level (it was already awesome…now it’s awesomer, if that’s a word, haha)…so I know that they will treat you right!

About the Program

Ultimate Bundles creates high-converting sales events for online authorpreneurs. During the course of over 30 launches, they have been able to partner with and learn from some of the highest performing bloggers/authors on the web.  

As I noted above, their promotions span several different niches and industries, making them extremely popular.

Combined with constant testing and refinement—and some of the highest commissions around (70% for contributors, 40% for non-contributing affiliates)—Ultimate Bundles partners typically earn more during their promotions than similar promotions elsewhere.

I recently promoted their Work At Home Bundle and was VERY impressed with the product, the sales process and how easy they made it for me to promote and share the offer.

Target Audience

Ultimate Bundles focuses on four key niches/industries.

  1. Family. These promotions are typically focused on homemaking, parenting, and similar niches.
  2. Health. Promotions in this category have included general health, herbs & essential oils, gut healing, and fitness.
  3. Business. This is the category that I’ve promoted to my audience. Promotions include blogging, startups, and work-at-home
  4. Lifestyle. This category is quite diverse, including photography, DIY, crafts, travel and more. 

As you can see, Ultimate Bundles has something for everyone.

Regardless of your niche, you will find a promotion that your audience will love!

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What Are Some Recent Ultimate Bundle Promotions?

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (Annual) The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is created for moms,by moms with the goal of reducing your stress, organizing your life, increasing your free time, and much more. With over 100 products in this bundle, find the tools you need to create  your dream home-life!  

Stats: Over 10% sales conversion rate in 2017, with one affiliate (even at scale) seeing over 50% conversions.  We’ve run it for 5 years, and have sold to 98,000 customers.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (Annual) The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is a nutritionist, personal chef, mental health master, and green living guru all rolled into one convenient digital package. With this robust healthy living toolbox at your fingertips, dig into the areas of healthy living that matter most to you and find the support you need to accomplish your health goals.

Stats: typically 7-8% sales conversions rate.  Run for 5 years with over 75,000 customers

Ultimate Photography Bundle (Annual) – The Ultimate Photography Bundle, also known as a one-stop shop for pro photography, contains the best tools available to guide you to the next level with your photography skills. Learn how to master your DSLR, edit to perfection in Photoshop and Lightroom, and how to turn your photography hobby into a growing source of revenue.

Stats: $97 price point with a 3.67% conversion rate. 2 years and over 12,000 customers.


The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (Annual) The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a strategically assembled collection of eBooks, eCourses, printables, and audio guides, created by the highest-ranked and rated bloggers and social media influencers out there. With the top tips and tools from the digital masters themselves, evolve your blog and channels into a profitable brand.

Stats: $97 price point with an average 4.51% conversion rate on the most recent flash sale.  Only run 1 year so far with 7,000 customers.  

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Commissions, Price Points and Prizes


Affiliates: 40%
Contributors: 70%
Super-Affiliates: 60%

Price Point: $29 to $97 bundles

I’ve promoted some of their bundles in the past myself and they have converted extremely well. Ultimate Bundles has done over dozens and dozens of promotions in the past 7 years (put that in perspective…most people do 2 or 3 launches a year at most…Ultimate Bundles is doing almost twice that!).

All of that to say, the sales funnel is absolutely solid.

Prizes: For smaller promotions, prizes include Macbook Pros for top sellers and an iPad Pro prize package to a randomly selected affiliate who makes 5 or more sales.

For larger promotions, prizes are added as the number of sales increase and are created to complement the type of promotion that is going on (so if it’s a promotion for bloggers, the prizes will be geared towards bloggers, if it’s a photography promotion, the prizes will reflect that focus.).

Past prizes have included all-expense-paid getaways, course access, private consulting packages, electronics, and gift cards, to name a few.

Rest assured, there will be SOMETHING you would be excited to win 🙂

Important Dates

As I said above, The Ultimate Bundles team runs several promotions a year.

Odds are when you see this, they have a great one coming up, so click the link below to sign up and see what is coming soon!

If you are looking for a well-run affiliate program with the potential to provide a great product to your audience and good commissions to you, this is the program for you!

What Other Affiliates Say About Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

You all do a wonderful job of giving us tools, resources, and advice. It’s up to us to use what you’ve given and make it work for us.”

“Your marketing training is so amazing. I don’t think i would have done as well as I did without it.”

“You all did an amazing job at this. I was blown away by the graphics, the sales copies, the training videos, etc. You made it very easy to promote!”

“You guys went above and beyond providing potential content, the color swatches and icons really helped me make personalized ads, and the book covers helped me promote what made sense for my audiences. And everything else was covered and answered in the Facebook group. Thank you! This was an incredible experience all around, both as a contributor and as an affiliate.”

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