What are your passions?

If you read my recent post, Do You Even Know What Your True Dreams Are?, you know what I am truly asking. Even if you didn’t, you still know what I mean on some level. What wakes you up in the morning. What keeps you up at night? What has always fascinated you? What questions do you want answered?

Now, how can you make money from those passions? That’s what today’s episode is about.

Interview with AJ Amyx
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Today, I interview former rockstar (seriously, he toured the country in a rock band) A.J. Amyx.

We discuss his background, what it was like to give up his identity as a rockstar and trade it for something so much greater, and how to get paid for your passions.

About A.J.

Aj Amyx is the Creator’s Mentor, Host of AMYXtv and founder of the Passionpreneur Academy.

Some people say he’s a business coach, smart marketer, consultant, brother or a free spirit. At his core, he just wants to help people get paid from their passions and make a difference in the world – since that is what he gets to do everyday.

Listen to this episode: 


If you can see it in them, it is within you.

-Michael Bernard Beckwith

Whatever you see in others, World Changers, is within you. When you admire someone for a certain skill, that skill resides in you. When you admire a trait, that trait is within you. I believe God designed you to admire others who reflect the very things that He wants you to live out.

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POST: Do You Even Know What Your True Dreams Are? (Get your free Dare to Dream Worksheet there)

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Join me for Episode 16 – How to Get Out of that Funk. I’ll share with you some simple techniques to get out of whatever funk you might find yourself in.

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0 thoughts on “Interview with Rockstar A.J. Amyx on Getting Paid for Your Passions [PODCAST]

  1. Steve Pate says:

    Great podcast Matt and Aj. But false on one thing, you can’t get enough fish to eat!!! LOL. Matt will know what I mean. AJ I loved your enthusiasm and passion in your voice on what you are doing. I got a feeling your going to be a great teacher for me to learn from!!

    And to tag on the birthday theme, I was fired on my 30th b-day, One of the best days of my life!!-Cheers!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Niiiiice. Happy 30th huh? 🙂

      AJ was and is AWESOME!

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