Here are my favorite comments from August. They are educational and eye-opening in their own right. Each of them below has an excerpt but I highly recommend you read the full comment in the link.

Bret Wortman on Jasmyn (Or…Of Death and Taxes) on his experience encountering the homeless in Atlanta:

I grabbed the first guy who approached me and offered him $20 if he’d walk with me to my hotel. He accepted and we walked the three blocks, chatting the whole time. I can’t remember the details of his story today, but he shared it gladly and at the end of our walk, I shook his hand, his eyes met mine and I felt like I got a bargain.

Joel Fortner on Beginnings (Or…The Declarations of a Failure) on the blog launch. Thanks Joel!:

I, and clearly others, view you so positively for it rather than viewing you as you may fear while putting words to screen. Keep going. Your words are inspiring and life changing.

Jeremy Carver on You Are What You Hear on dealing with toxic relationships:

 Toxic people don’t believe that they are toxic, and will never understand until they are ready. Manhood’s confusing.

Kevin O’Donnell on Oblivious (Or…How to Make an Employee Cry) on viewing himself as a leader like he was in a movie and making team members cry:

I love the description of viewing yourself like you are in a movie. That movie is important and Hollywood is a bad place from which to learn how to be a leader…Ego ALWAYS comes across to others and it never makes them feel good.

Lily Kreitinger on Suicide (Or…Why People Leave Jobs) on a horrible boss-team member relationship that she had:

Being under appreciated and facing high demands will definitely cause physical and emotional distress. The only bad work relationship I’ve had with a boss caused me to feel depressed for months. I felt like I could do 1000 things well and he would focus on the one that was not up to his standards. I never received a compliment or had any plan on how to perform my job. …Thanks for a good reminder of how big of a damage a bad work relationship can create.

6 thoughts on “Bowls Full of Awesomeness (Or…The Top Comments of August)

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    What a great idea for a blog post, Matt! It’s amazing how the members of our blog communities can add so much to the experience by contributing to the conversations.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Totally. I look at the post as a way to spark a conversation. The conversation is where the value is. It’s true with any blog I read. I learn more from the comments than the post itself.

  2. Lily Kreitinger says:

    Thanks for including me on the list. Your blog should be required reading for some people I know :0)

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Wow. Thanks Lily!

  3. Jeremy Carver says:

    Who has two thumbs, makes lame jokes, and is honored to be in such good company? This Guy! Seriously… Thanks Matt. Also, I apologize for being incommunicado as of late.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      You have two thumbs still? Figured after years of cabinet making you were missing at least one.

      Welcome back Jeremy! Love to have you!

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