Here are my favorite comments from September. They are educational and eye-opening in their own right. Each of them below has an excerpt but I highly recommend you read the full comment in the link.

Bowl Full of Awesomeness
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Ed Tabara on Leaders, You Are What You See, Part Two adding his two cents about the importance of positive visualization.

I would also add that when visualizing something, you need not to WANT it to be so, but to KNOW it IS so.

Jon Stolpe on A Thank You Revolution taking action on the post. Nothing makes me feel better than someone reacting to a post and changing their lives.

Just wrote the first note. Thanks again!

Lily Kreitinger on All Eyes Are On You, Leader sharing an experience with her child…

Actions do speak louder than words. People are watching 24/7 and failure to execute will be used against you when you least expect it. My 4-y-o asked me “Mommy, how come you brushed your teeth so quick and got done before me?” Answer to myself “Because you’re doing it right and I’m not!” Ouch! 4 year-olds and 24 year-olds will hold us accountable.

Jeremy Carver on Feedback for Leaders (Or…You Suck. Sincerely, Your Team) sharing how important it is to realize our faults that are holding us back as leaders and then tackling them.

I guess you would rate that “I Suck Realization” as one of the top 5 things to have ever happened to you, right? I know my “I Suck Realization” was a top 5 for me. 1. My Creation, 2. Salvation, 3. Wife, 4. Child, … 5. Realization that I sucked and was not who I needed to BE.

Bret Wortman on The Four Things Leaders Must Do in a ROWE (Part 3 of 3).

Sounds like it’s a great tool, but like any tool, it shouldn’t be the only one you use. No carpenter can build a decent cabinet with just a screwdriver.

Jon Stolpe on How To Start One-on-One Meetings asking an important question about a common objection

Question for you: You seem to be pointing to weekly one-on-one meetings. I have 12 direct reports not including 5 union pipe fitters. Doing one-on-one’s each week seems somewhat unrealistic.

3 thoughts on “Bowls Full of Awesomeness (Or…Top Comments of September)

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    Hey, Thanks for the mention, Matt! Your blog is great. I’ve been inspired in many ways already, and I look forward to what else is on it’s way.

    The Thank You Thursday revolution continues. The past couple of weeks the response to the Thank You notes has been pretty amazing. People like to be appreciated. This is an easy thing for all of us to do.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Wow Jon. What a great start to the week for me to hear that!

      Keep it up. The real impact, I have found, is when it becomes a habit.

      And…when it becomes a struggle to think of someone, that is when they will be the best notes. When you thank someone for something small and they never expected or you thank someone for just being them or for having a positive attitude or for the way he or she cares for your child…those notes will blow people away.

      1. Jon Stolpe says:

        Great feedback! I look forward to Thursdays now. It’s exciting to brighten somebody’s day with a small bit of gratitude.

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