If you are anything like me, you have to be reminded of this every 6-8 minutes.

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I vacillate between wanting to change the world and wanting to be independently wealthy by the end of next Tuesday. It’s often a confusing place to be.

The thing that I finally realized as I pondered this quote for some time was that the word “rich” might have nothing to do with money. Oh, if you make a difference in a commercial way (Apple, Google, and Dave Ramsey come to mind), you will be rewarded financially.

But I also have to remember daily how rich I am when I come home to a smiling and running toddler yelling my name. Or when it seems my world is crashing around me and I have a wife who is right there with me. Or when I break the heart of the One who created me only to remember that He redeemed me nearly 2000 years ago.

When you serve your family, you are making a difference. When you honor your marriage or a business contract, you are making a difference. And when you receive grace, refuse to wallow in self-pity, and go out and show others how to do the same, you are making a difference.

I cannot; I will not promise you wealth or happiness. But I do know that if you focus on making a difference, you will. And you will find joy in the most unexpected places.

What will you do today to make a difference?

25 thoughts on “Rich Beyond Belief

  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    It starts with a smile and a positive attitude. I will go forward with integrity at my job, and I will come home excited to be part of my family. It should be a great day!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Scratch that.

      It WILL be a great day!

      1. Jon Stolpe says:

        Okay, It IS a great day!

    2. Wade_Thorson says:

      Starting with a smile will change a day all by iteself!

      1. Michael Hawkins says:

        Amen! A smile is a power-tool if there ever was one.

  2. Bret Wortman says:

    Thanks for starting my week on a HUGE up note, Matt. Let’s make that difference today.

    1. Lily Kreitinger says:

      That and one of your fans got to meet you this weekend ;0)

      1. Bret Wortman says:

        One of my fans. Right. That was totally what happened. 🙂

        My son is still talking about it. He’s 7 and all he knew was that he beat some friend of Daddy’s twice at thumb wrestling. Maybe someday he’ll make the connection.

      2. Mark Sieverkropp says:

        That was probably the highlight of that guys weekend…what was his name again? Did you show him the workshop for the pens? Cuz that would be cool!

  3. Wade_Thorson says:

    Thanks Matt, making others happy will pay back huge dividends whether it is a team member, customer or family member. As part of your Thank You note revolution I wrote out 5 letters on Friday to a group that put a lot of effort in last week and will be doing the same this week. I put them in their work area this morning, I am hoping this wil make their day.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      That is awesome Wade!

      At the least, you just made one person’s week. More likely, you made 3-5 people’s weeks. Possibly, you changed the world!

      1. Wade_Thorson says:

        As part of the notes I made them very aware how this will greatly benefit the end customer, and didn’t discuss the financial reason in what they were doing. As you stated in your last post its not about the quota, its about making the team aware of how the customer will be impacted by their extra effort.

  4. Carol Dublin says:

    You nailed it again Matt. Coming off a not so great weekend and heading into a crazier than ever week – I needed this today. Perfect way to retune my attitude so I’m looking outward instead of inside.Thanks.

  5. Tammy Helfrich says:

    Great post, Matt! Choosing to make a difference right where you are is a huge part of the equation.

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      I like the “where you are” part Tammy.

      I cannot realistically solve famine in East Africa tomorrow. But I can help a few people locally to earn more, save more, and build wealth to make a difference.

      I can also make a huge difference in the lives of the people I am already scheduled to interact with today. That is a great place to start.

  6. Tom Dixon says:

    Leave people a little better than I found them…even if it’s inconvenient.

  7. Lily Kreitinger says:

    I think this is very real. Not optimistic “positive thinking” (although I like both). A simple smile, a thank you, a hug, a pat on the back do make a difference in people’s lives and enrich us in return.

  8. Mark Sieverkropp says:

    I refuse to comment unless you promise me wealth and/or happiness…
    haha, ok fine, I give in. What will I do to make a difference today? Express more gratitude for my wife. Hug my daughter a little longer…play Barbies even though I HATE doing it. Anticipate the needs of my boss and coworkers and serve them any way I can. Speak up and ask tough questions in the School Board meeting tonight. Comment on Matt McWilliams’ blog (yeah, you know I make a difference in your life matt!!)

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      All good things Mark. And yes, you make a bigger difference that you will ever know…unless I tell you.

      1. Mark Sieverkropp says:

        I always get nervous and start looking around and over my shoulder when your response doesn’t include an insult… 😉

  9. Matt –
    This is the premise of my book “You Make My Life Rich” and my site http://www.mattham.com
    I love to see confirmation referenced elsewhere. Great stuff!
    And yes you’re absolutely right I need to be reminded at least every 6 to 8 minutes.

      1. I’m in the middle of the editing battle now. Polishing and sifting! I would love to have further conversation about it.

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