9 Ways to be More Thankful All Year

Thankfulness is not a state of being. It’s not something you are born into or discover. It’s not something that comes naturally or that you accidentally wake up feeling. Thankfulness is something you practice, that you develop intentionally.

9 ways to be thankful all year - not just at Thanksgiving

In the United States, this is the week that we all are mindful of thankfulness. Perhaps we even share some things for which we are thankful around the table on Thursday, and resolve to be more thankful next year.

And then Friday comes. That thankful feeling is replaced by the same mundane feelings of every other day.

Thankfulness should be an everyday practice. Thankfulness is directly tied to your levels of productivity and performance, and therefore your success at work, your income, and the stability of your relationships.

In short, thankfulness is one of the lynchpins in determining your ability to live out your calling, achieve your dreams, and change the world.

So, how can you be more thankful throughout the year? Here are 9 ways.

11 Ways to Fight Fatigue and Push Your Limits

It’s that time of year for many of us. We’re trying to hit our year end goals, it’s cold and flu season, the days are darker and colder, and for people like my retail clients and me, it’s just plain busy. So how do you push yourself and not suffer the consequences? I share exactly how to do that in today’s episode.


I pushed myself to the brink of disaster.

I woke up Christmas morning exhausted, sick, and fifteen pounds heavier than I was two months before. I was at the tail end of a seven-week marathon of ninety-hour workweeks and my body and mind were paying the price.

By Christmas morning, I was mentally and physically fatigued. I had a horrible cold that lasted far too long, and my pants didn’t fit very well. I was an absolute mess.

Sometimes you have to push. That is a fact of life. There are times that call for extra effort, extra focus, and extra hours. But when you do, it doesn’t mean that your body has to end up in shambles.

Today I share 11 things I learned during that rough time and what I am doing differently now.

Sundi Jo Graham Interview on How She Lost 145 Pounds and More…

“Everyone has a story of redemption.”

Those words are from today’s guest, Sundi Jo Graham. She is living a life of redemption and sharing with others how to do the same.

Sundi Jo Graham Weight Loss Interview Learn how @SundiJo lost 145 pounds and found her beautiful story of a redemption. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

In today’s episode we talk about how everyone has a story of redemption, how you can find yours and share it with others, and…how today’s guest lost 145 pounds (no joke).

Join me in learning how she did that and what lessons you can learn from her journey.

About Sundi Jo

Sundi Jo inspires others to break free from self-destructive behaviors so they can learn to love themselves and experience lasting transformation. Her first book, Dear Dad, released in 2013. She blogs at sundijo.com on life application, faith lived out, and health and wellness. She is the founder of Esther’s House of Redemption, a residential discipleship program, offering hope to broken women, free of charge.

Sundi Jo is the proud loser of 145 lbs. She lives in Branson, MO, enjoys hanging out at coffee shops, thinks Dolly Parton is the greatest singer ever, and believes you can’t live life without laughter.

The Secret to Happiness, Long Life, and Influence: Love – Full Stop

Could it be that a 2000-year old Bible verse actually contains the secret to happiness?

What about a longer, more fulfilling life? Or even influence and purpose?

It’s true.

Love Full Stop George Vaillant “The only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people.” – George Vaillant (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Nearly 2000 years ago, the apostle Paul wrote about the secret.

The one thing we need to live the kind of life that others admire. The one key to happiness, health, and living a life that has meaning and influences and impacts others.

6 Familiar Signs of Fatigue and What to do About Them

Have you ever pushed yourself to the brink of disaster?

You’ve worked so hard for so long. Fatigue takes over. Sickness ensues.

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I’ve been there. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Fourth Quarter

I woke up Christmas morning 2012 completely exhausted. I felt sick, I’d gained fifteen pounds in less than two months and I didn’t want to get out of bed…ever. Was this really how I was supposed to feel on Christmas morning? Our daughter’s second Christmas…she was so excited…and I was a mess.

For the previous seven weeks, I strung together a series of 10 to 12-hour days. Day after day, with (thankfully) only Sundays off. I was now at the end of this nightmare stretch and my mind and body had paid the price.

WARNING: Do You Recognize These 7 Symptoms of Sitting too Much?

My head was throbbing, my back ached, and my stomach was incredibly angry at me.

And that was just day three. Not of an illness or a trip in a spacecraft to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

It was day three of an inadvertent experiment I performed on myself. I spent five days sitting at work all day rather than standing as I normally do. In only five days, I discovered 7 symptoms of sitting too much. They are short-term, potentially long lasting, and they were killing my productivity.

Symptoms of Sitting too Much
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I’m literally dancing in place as I write this.

Seriously, I am listening to a techno music mix (it helps me to concentrate when I write) and I am constantly moving. All because I am not sitting.

7 Ways You are Sitting Yourself to Death

I recently experimented on myself.

What would one week of sitting all day while working do to my body compared to my normal routine of standing most of the day?

What I discovered both shocked me and proved once and for all that sitting is not only killing us, but it’s destroying our productivity.

Sitting to Death
Flabby abs, diabetes, heart disease, and a bigger butt…a few of the ways sitting is killing you. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

This wasn’t an experiment that I set out to perform. It only happened because of a series of unfortunate events that kept me from getting to my office across town for an entire week. Unlike my regular office, my at-home office does not have a standing desk.

After one week, I realized that I had essentially been experimenting on myself.

5 More Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer

Why do entrepreneurs live nearly six years longer than the rest of the population?

Yesterday I shared the number one reason why: control. Despite the stress of “going it alone” and the perceived risk entrepreneurs take (the reality is that entrepreneurship is the least risky career path), entrepreneurs are in control. Or at least they feel in control, and that is what matters most according to the research.

5 reasons why entrepreneurs live longer
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But what are some other reasons why entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than everyone else? Here are five.

5 more reasons why entrepreneurs live longer

1. Freedom

Aracelli McWilliams feeding a giraffe
This moment made possible by entrepreneurial freedom.

When I worked for any of my previous companies (including my dad), I always had a schedule. That schedule didn’t change because someone (even someone as cute as our daughter) asked me to do something.

The #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer

Did you know that entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than the rest of the population?

That’s nearly six full years longer! Those six years represents a healthier life, which likely represents more joy, which likely leads to better relationships, tighter family units, and so on. Those six years are very important.

But why? Why do entrepreneurs live longer?

Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer Entrepreneurs live 7.47% longer than the rest of the population. Find out why: (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

I believe that the reason entrepreneurs live longer comes down to one word:


When many people think of the prototypical entrepreneur, they get a vision of a man or woman working 16 hours a day, pulling his or her hair out from the stress of bills, payrolls, decisions, and the fact that everything rests on him or her.

The lives of every employee and their children are in the entrepreneurs’ hands.