Are You Fighting Battles You Shouldn’t be Fighting?

Are you tired of not achieving your goals?

Sick of getting off course or losing focus? Ready to reach your full potential?

Then stop fighting battles that shouldn’t be fought, at least by you.

Stop fighting battles you shouldn't be fighting
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3 Tips for Balancing Work & Home Life from Matt Keener

How do you balance work and home life, especially if you work from home?

I’ve brought in an expert to answer that. His name is Matt Keener and  Matt Keener is the author of the book, Executive in Sweatpants: A Handbook for Launching Your Work from Home Career. As an outsourcing coach, he helps both clients and contractors reach their fullest potential. Visit his blog for helpful tips on managing online workers, growing virtual teams, and more.

Balancing Home and Work Life by Matt Keener
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Your professional life is obviously important.

It’s your sense of accomplishment, a big part of your identity, and how you provide for your family. Your job consumes most of your waking hours, but who gets the rest?

If you’ve ever felt guilty about giving your family the “what’s-left-after-a-hard-day’s-work” version of yourself, you’re not alone. I struggle with this every day. Balancing family and work takes practice, boundaries, communication, and diligence. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Thankfully, it can be – with practice.

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Success Magazine

Are You Making Any of These 5 Mistakes on the Weekend?

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Your weekend might be the most important time of the week. It’s not only the end of one week, but also the beginning, the setup, for the next.

If used correctly, it can be a great way to wrap up a successful week or to recover from a difficult one. If used correctly, it can be a great springboard for an awesome week ahead.

If used incorrectly, it can end a great week on a sour note and set up an even worse week ahead. All because you make one or more of the five mistakes I share below.

Weekend Nap
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5 mistakes most people make on the weekends

1. Not reflecting on the week that was.

You don’t spend time looking back. You don’t dig into what went right and what went wrong.

When you don’t review your week, the lessons you learned get lost, successes aren’t celebrated, and you tend to lose track of ongoing projects. When you start on Monday, it’s as if you are starting all over, rather than picking up where you left off.

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5 Days to Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

The One Thing You Really Need to Know About Personal Development

Do you want to know the real magic word when it comes to personal development?

It might surprise you. It sure got me thinking when Dan Erickson shared it with me.
Read more from Dan below. If you don’t know Dan, he is a college instructor, a single dad, a musician, and a writer. He’s written hundreds of poems and songs and two books: A Train Called Forgiveness and At The Crossing of Justice and Mercy. Read his advice below and then

Productivity does not equal personal development - Dan Erickson

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When Matt asked me to write a post on personal development the first thing that came to mind was:

“Really? Personal development? Why me, Matt?”

That’s right. My first thought was that I am definitely not qualified to write about personal development. After all, what have I accomplished in life? I’m just a college instructor who’s written a couple of books that have sold less than a couple hundred copies. Personal development? Me?

The second thing that came to mind was a word:


Who Else Wants to Stop Leaving Projects Half-Finished?

“I’m full of ideas, Matt. I start out great and then…I can’t seem to finish.”

Are you like this coaching client of mine? Always leaving projects half-finished? Or, even worse, 80% or 90% done?

Half-finished Project
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One of my coaching clients recently brought this up on one of our calls.

He is like so many world changers. Full of ideas and passion. Short on seeing things through to the end.

He has “Shiny Object Syndrome.” I can relate as, I am the president of the Recovering Shiny Object Syn–hey, I have an idea.

This client, like so many, is missing out on using one powerful tool that all successful finishers use.

Don’t Buy Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever & Miss These

Full Review Plus $2,927 in Bonuses

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Do you want 2014 to be your best year ever?

Who wouldn’t? Who actually started out this year saying, “You know, 2009 was as good as it gets. I really can’t beat that.”

No one. We all want this year to be our best ever. And for next year to be better.

You may have seen Michael Hyatt’s course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. He sells it for $197. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to spend $197 to have your best year ever.

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever Michael Hyatt
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Everything is at stake

Michael said something recently that convinced me to give it a try:

Everything is at stake by not seeking transformation now.


And he’s right.

If you waste one day, that might be the day that changes your life. One missed opportunity might set you back a week, a month, or even a year towards achieving your goals. It’s time to do something different. It’s time to invest in your best year ever.

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Mid-Week Motivation: Handling Downtime and Loss of Focus

Distractions and depressions are a normal part of a productive person’s life. Someone recently asked: The first thing you have to do is realize that this is normal. No one is fully motivated, pumped up, and focused 24/7/365. It’s impossible. I don’t know what you are going through in life, but if there is something […]