Who do you help?

If you have a platform, who do you serve?

If you aren’t 100% crystal clear on this…YET…I have good news for you…

YOU get to choose who you help.

You get to choose who your audience is.

You get to define them in the clearest possible terms.

You get to define who your audience really is…and who they aren’t.

As you decide who your audience is, you’ll need to exclude some people.

That might not feel like the best way to grow your audience or to help more people, but it is.

The best way to help more people is to initially attempt to help LESS people.

This counterintuitive strategy allows you to get absolute clarity on who you serve.

And it causes those exact people to gravitate toward you.

If you decide to focus on serving single moms, you need to decide that your content will not particularly help married moms.

If you decide to focus on serving investors over the age of 50, you’ll likely repel investors in their 20s and 30s, and that’s good.

If your content is meant for urban gardeners, you won’t attract people with large plots of land or professional farmers.

The key thing to remember here is that if you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one.

If you try to reach everyone with a muddy, unclear message, you end up reaching no one.

That was my mistake for years…and it cost me big time!

Once I got absolute clarity on who I served and how I served them, my business began to grow!

Always remember to KNOW THY AUDIENCE!

An important exercise in getting clarity on who you serve is developing your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

Your avatar is a fictional person who represents your entire audience or a segment of your audience.

This is the ONE person for whom you are going to create content.

You aren’t producing content for the masses.

You aren’t creating products for your audience, you are creating and promoting them for one person, your avatar.

You aren’t marketing to “your list,” you are marketing to an individual.

If you want to know exactly how to create an avatar, grab my free avatar creation guide…

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Then, put to use what you’ve learned.

Actually take the time to create your avatar.

Spend as much time as needed to complete the exercises and feel confident in your assessments.

Finish the exercises with 100% clarity on who you serve and who your avatar is…

Then commit to creating a platform that serves your avatar.

I’d rather you take a few days to complete these exercises than rush through them.

And then let me know how it goes!


STEP ONE: CLICK HERE to download the Avatar Creation Guide!

STEP TWO: Do the exercises and create your avatar.

STEP THREE: Create content and products and promote affiliate offers exclusively for your avatar.

Easy peasy, right?

Grab the guide and get started now!