A Different Way of Saying It: A Communication Lesson from Nutiva

Sometimes all it takes to communicate effectively is to say the same thing everyone else is saying…just differently.

Take Nutiva Coconut Oil for example:

Nutiva Coconut Oil Cholesterol Free

Did you catch their message?

They easily could have said “Cholesterol Free.” But, instead, they said, “100% Less Cholesterol than Butter.”

I am not a math whiz, but 100% less than anything is ZERO.

Cholesterol Free

Zero Cholesterol

No Cholesterol

Any of those would work. But to make their point effectively, they broke the mold. They slapped butter right across the face and stole it’s lunch money. Poor butter.

If you really want to make a point, think of what you want to say…then think of an entirely new way to say it.

(And by the way, coconut oil really is a much better way to cook with oil…and it’s awesome in hot breakfast cereals)

How have you seen this done effectively?

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