The Secret to Dealing with an Obnoxious Boss

What is the secret to dealing with an obnoxious boss?

I’ve never been one of those or had to deal with one thankfully…OK I couldn’t type that and keep a straight face.

Dealing with Obnoxious Boss by Mike Holmes
You can’t change your boss. You’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to change you, and as you change so will your boss. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Here is a great guest post from Mike Holmes that answers that question. I wish I had read this years ago! Mike Holmes is the founder of Tithehacker. The purpose of the site is to stir up a revolution of radical giving. Stop by and get a copy of his free resource “The Art of Hacking the Tithe 101”You can guest post too. Click here to find out how.

Take it away Mike…

Before I knew this secret I dealt with obnoxious bosses in one of these ways:

  • Arguing back.
  • Complaining about them to coworkers.
  • Finding ways to work less.
  • Quitting the job…only to find that they were in the next job in another person’s body!
  • And yes…indirectly telling them I would love to punch them in the face after work.

I’m not proud of this. But that was before I knew the secret. When I learned the secret, it revolutionized my life. This secret made every obnoxious boss putty in my hand. I will warn you: this secret will forever change you.

If you think you’re ready for it…keep reading.

Jesus Hinted at the Secret

Jesus knew how powerful the secret was…and yet He only glossed over it. He didn’t delve into it. He didn’t elaborate on it. He just threw it out in the middle of conversation:

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. (Matthew 5:41 NKJV)

He knew everybody wouldn’t want it–so He made it available to those that did.

Before I tell you more, please understand this: You can’t change your boss. You’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to change you, and as you change so will your boss. Until I understood that I could not find the secret and you won’t until you do.

So what is the secret?

Signs You Have a Crappy JobIt’s simple: go the extra mile.

When Jesus shared the secret, He related it to an oppressive custom of the day. It originated with the Persian government and was later adopted by the Roman government. Under this custom the king’s messengers had power to take horses, camels, and men into service against their will. Couriers and messengers were staged in specific locations by the king; if someone were to pass the location the courier rushed out and “compelled” them into service. Simone of Cyrene was later “compelled” into helping Jesus with His cross.

Rather than quarrel and complain about the treatment Jesus advised otherwise: don’t just comply with the request, but exceed expectations in a spirit of love and service. And that’s what I did:

  • If she asked me to do four things I did eight
  • If she asked me to have something done by 1:30pm I had it finished before lunch
  • If she needed something done in 20 minutes I did it in 10

And I did it all with a smile on my face!

Little by little her gruff exterior towards me (I can’t vouch for anyone else) softened; and my influence with her grew. I changed my response to the problem…and ended up changing the problem!

The Benefits of the Secret

  1. You benefit by the law of comparison. Most people don’t go the extra mile. They go the first mile and complain all the way there! Some don’t even finish the first mile! When you go the extra mile the spotlight of attention shines favorably on you. And after a while you soon become indispensable to those around you…especially superiors…and indispensable employees are always paid more than dispensable ones!
  2. You develop greater leadership qualities. Going the extra develops the habit of personal initiative–a trait necessary for ANY kind of leadership. As you employ the extra mile your brain looks for more ways to become helpful. Soon you stop waiting for people to tell you what to do–you just do it. You no longer wait for things to happen, you make them happen!
  3. God makes sure you’re compensated fairly. At the end of day whether we’re salaried or self-employed: we write our own checks! We do this with the service we give to a boss, company, or clients. But even though we write our checks, God is still the Boss. And if the Boss sees you going above and beyond, you can know that He’ll reward you fully.

What do you think? Are there any other benefits of using this secret? What has been your experience with it been?

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