One Simple Way to Be 31% More Productive | Writing Thank You Notes

One of the most common excuses I hear for not writing thank you notes is: “I don’t have time.” Actually, you don’t have time not to write them. Let me explain…

Thank you notes give you a 31% increase in productivity

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Now before I tell you why that is a lame excuse and tell you why you have to write them, I need to admit something.

The number one excuse I use is that “I don’t have time.”

Thursday rolls around and the calendar says “Write thank you notes,” just like it does every Thursday. Thursday, for me, is like Christmas for some, I know it’s coming. I know what it means, but I always act surprised when it comes around and I never budget the time to write notes.

Meetings at 10:00 and 2:00, interview at 3:00, phone calls to return, blog posts to finish, and lunch…I’d like to eat. And I have a mound of email. But no time for thank you notes.

That’s when I have the talk with myself. Yes, Virginia, I talk to myself. Usually in a bit of a Scottish accent.

I ask myself this question:

Oh, you don’t have five minutes to make yourself up to 31% more productive?

Bam! My inner Scottish voice is so smart.

Writing thank you notes can make you 31% more productive

Research shows that one act of positivity (like writing a thank you note) can increase your productivity by as much as 31%.


The reason behind this is that dopamine, which is the reason for the euphoric feeling you get when you express gratitude, is also the ignition for the learning centers of the brain. So when you fire up the thankfulness, you are also firing up the engines that fuel your ability to learn. (Read more about what really happens when you write a thank you note)

If you increase gratitude, you increase positivity. If you increase positivity, you increase…productivity. By 31%, according to researchers.

So…thank you notes make you 31% more productive.

Consider what that means – the math of gratitude and productivity

“I don’t want to be 31% more productive.” Said no one ever.

If you work an average eight hour day, five days a week (I get the feeling you work more than that, but let’s roll with it for illustration purposes), 31% more productive averages out to 12.4 hours more output each week.

12.4 hours each week! Or, for another perspective, 77 extra days each year. 

If you are in sales, would you like an extra 77 days each year to hit your goals? If you are an entrepreneur starting your business, how does an extra 12.4 hours sound each week? Without having to miss out on your family more.

But let’s say that it’s half wrong.

What if you only get an extra hour per day of productivity each day?

Five minutes writing a note gains you an hour of productivity. I like that math. Your net gain is 55 minutes. And that’s if I am half wrong.

31% more productive…and that doesn’t even count the other benefits like better relationships, a warmer network, and the many positive effects you’ll find.

Stop making excuses. Start now.

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