So you’ve been knocked down. Now what? How do you bounce back from defeat? That’s what today’s episode is all about.

Episode 057: How to Bounce Back from Defeat

The reality of life is that you will suffer defeat. There will be times when you choke, succumb to pressure, or just lose it in the furnace that is a stressful and important situation.

At almost every major golf tournament each year, someone “blows it.” Someone who has never won a major championship before (there are four each year), leads with 18 holes to go. Or perhaps even only three or four holes. And they “find a way to lose.”

Two results of defeat

And as history looks back on these players, there are two possible narratives that emerge:

“He never recovered from that defeat.”

“He bounced back and used that experience as a catalyst to success.”

Golfweek writer Jeff Rude wrote an incredible article recently entitled, Takes special player to bounce back from major flub. The article reads not so much as a lesson for golfers, but for everyone. Business owners, parents, students, salespeople, you name it.

The condensed version is that there are 7 steps to overcoming defeat:

  1. Don’t give up.
  2. Get in that position again.
  3. Use defeat as motivation
  4. Stay confident…even cocky.
  5. Keep the desire.
  6. Keep visualizing success.
  7. Work hard.

I go in-depth on each of those steps in today’s episode.

Listen to this episode: 

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the 7 Steps to Bouncing Back from Defeat (printer-friendly)

BOOK: Life is Not a Game of Perfect: Finding Your Real Talent and Making It Work for You (Bob Rotella)

VIDEO: Les Brown’s “You Gotta Be Hungry”

POST: When You Always Won (Visualization)

The picture of Adam Scott winning the Masters:

Adam Scott Overcomes Defeat and Wins Masters


What keeps you alive is having a challenge. The greats don’t care what they have to go through to reach their goal.

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How do you respond to defeat? What tips do you have for someone who feels defeated?

One thought on “Episode 057: How to Bounce Back from Defeat

  1. Russell Lobo says:

    Hi Matt,

    Loved this how to bounce back from defeat episode. I have given you a 5 star rating on stitcher.

    Just a quick question. Would you like transcriptions for your podcasts?

    As you know, it helps increase audience reach (some people prefer reading to listening, cant listen in office, etc).

    Also since its original and huge content (1 minute of a podcast generally has 180 words), you can target ranking on Page 1 of Google for various long-tail keywords.

    Can I make a transcription for your next podcast (for free ofcourse)?

    You can then check if it adds value to your podcast post 🙂

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