Darin Sargent was born with a gift. It might not look like a gift to you and me, but Darin thinks it is.

Episode 062: Overcoming Any Obstacle with Darin Sargent

Darin was born with only one hand. Here’s what he writes about it:

I have been born with a unique gift of having only one hand and it has helped me see life from a different perspective than most.  I believe what you read on my blog and in my books will reveal that to you and in some way help you with the challenges that life seems to often bring our way.

I don’t know what Darin would be doing today if he had two hands. But I do know this…that when he walks into a room full of antsy teenagers to tell them that they can overcome obstacles, two-handed Darin doesn’t stand a chance. One-handed Darin, on the other hand, commands immediate attention.

He could have focused on all the things he can’t do with only one hand. Instead he turned that missing hand into a conversation starter.

If you want to be inspired and learn how to overcome any obstacle, this episode is for you.

About Darin

I can’t write about Darin any better than he can. Here’s what he says:

I am the author of The HandBook: Five Forces To Form Your Future (Insignia Books), a brand new book on 5 key principles that will transform your destiny and help you make the impact you were placed on this planet to make.  I also wrote Thank You Mr. Jenkins (Adsum Press) which is the true heart-warming story of a teacher who decided to make a difference in the life of one child that was born differently.  It will inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and understand that it is a blessing and not a curse.

In 2008 I started a Motivational Business called Let Me Give You A Hand and I have been fortunate enough to speak to thousands of young people and adults across the nation.  My message of overcoming and embracing who we are while facing the many challenges that come against us, has resonated with audiences worldwide.  Being born the way I have allows me to relate to those struggling with their identity, helping them create an attitude of success in their life.  I am all about helping young people and adults overcome!

I also pastor a great church in the San Diego, California area and am blessed to be leading a pretty incredible group of people.  In 1993 I married the love of my life and we have 3 amazing kids that still think having a dad with one arm is kind of cool!

Listen to this episode:

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If you want to make an impact, you must be committed to the collision.

I refuse to let someone who may have given up on their dreams talk me out of mine.

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Next Episode

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What obstacle have you allowed to hold you back? How will you overcome that?

2 thoughts on “Episode 062: Overcoming Any Obstacle with Darin Sargent

  1. Darin Sargent says:

    Matt – Thanks so much for the opportunity. I appreciate your friendship and all you do. YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      It is YOU who rock Darin 🙂

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