At any point in time, we’re either going through a transition, we just came out of one, or we’re about to go through one. How do we handle the difficult transitions in life? Today’s guest will show you how.

How to Navigate Life's Difficult Transitions with Brian Holmes

The title of the episode is “How to Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions” and the title says it all. It’s one that truly applies to everyone. My belief is that all of us are either in a transition, just came out of a transition, or about to enter one.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Why change is so scary
  • The four stages of transition
  • The secret ingredient of navigating transition
  • Why discontentment is healthy

About Today’s Guest

Brian Holmes, the Founder and President of the Strategic Living Institute (SLI), a life changing organization dedicated to teaching people to harness the power and potential that God has given them. SLI’s mission and method is revolutionary, providing individuals the opportunity and means to receive inner life healing, purpose specific training and development, and the practical activation necessary to be mobilized as leaders of cultural transformation.

Each year, Brian travels extensively, speaking in conferences and leadership forums around the world. He has authored numerous books and curriculums, including the internationally acclaimed, ‘The Ties That Bind’, a study on identifying and breaking unhealthy connections and soul ties. In addition to his books, Brian has also created numerous video and audio programs which are specifically targeted to unlocking and releasing the full potential of every individual. Brian is a board certified counselor; a certified facilitator for The Pacific Institute; an author and lecturer; a Certified Life, Business, and Leadership Coach; a Master Coach Trainer; and mentor to people in all fields.

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A role that you play is not necessarily your identity. It’s simply a role that you’re playing while you walk out your identity.

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What transition have you gone through that put you in a better place in life? What did you learn from it?

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