What makes a leader? Is it circumstances? Genetics? Some people choose not to be a leader because they believe that leadership is “luck of the draw”–that some people are just born leaders. In today’s episode we are going to debunk this myth and explain how YOU can become a great leader.

Episode 84: Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

We’ve all either had, or seen that person who just seems to be a natural leader…they are charismatic, they’re problem solvers, they’re good public speakers. So the question is, are great leaders born or made?

This is the question that we answer in this episode.

Here are some of the things we talk about in the episode:

  • How do you become a leader?
  • You are a leader by choice
  • What great leaders and parents don’t do
  • What great leaders and parents do.
  • The one reason most people choose not to be leaders

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“Leadership is an action, not a position.”

“No one has ever been inspired by a quota.”

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On Episode 85 we have an interview with two college professors that have written a book that is all about getting what you want through negotiations in business and life.  One thing that our guests note is that we are all negotiating every day. Don’t miss this episode!

What choices can you make today to be a great leader?

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