"Get EPM Through My Affiliate Link And Get $5,145 in FREE GIFTS - Yes, That Includes My Help With Your Affiliate Promotions And Program."
"Get EPM Through My Affiliate Link And Get $5,145 in FREE GIFTS - Yes, That Includes My Help With Your Affiliate Promotions And Program."
Here's A Quick Summary Of All The FREE GIFTS You're Getting...
They're FREE TO YOU, But Worth $5,145.00
  • Destroying Limiting Beliefs Workbook
  • Networking With Purpose Replay
  • 7-Figure Affiliate Launch Course
  •  (NEW BONUS) Affiliate Recruiting Swipe Files 
  •  (NEW BONUS) Affiliate Promo Plan Checklist
  •  (NEW BONUS) No Product No Problem Affiliate Training Course
  •  (NEW BONUS) Creating a $10k/month Resource Page
  •  (NEW BONUS) Affiliate Marketing Case Studies Vault
You're Getting All These Free Gifts Worth $5,145 When You Enroll In EPM and Claim ALL Your "Matt McWilliams Bonuses" 
Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs Workbook
A lot of the battle starts in your MIND. It starts with your limiting beliefs. The beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you from having the impact you should have, making the money you should make, and leaving the legacy only you can leave.

There are four types of limiting beliefs and I show you how to DESTROY all of them.

This self-coaching plan was previously available only to my private coaching clients, but if you purchase Experience Product Masterclass through my link, you’ll get it FREE.

Estimated Retail Value $399
Networking With Purpose Replay
I’ll make this super clear…you cannot sell very many courses without a network of people.

It takes a village to get your course out there to the masses. That’s why you need a powerful network.

When you buy Marisa’s course through my link, you’ll get access to the replay of my Networking with Purpose LIVE event that I hosted with former White House writer turned relationship-builder extraordinaire John Corcoran and networking guru Mark Sieverkropp.

We all share our experiences, tips and relationship-building strategies that will help you build a powerful network.

Estimated Retail Value $197
7-Figure Affiliate Launch Course
There is no better way to sell your courses than through affiliates. You don’t pay until you make the sale. They are infinitely scalable. They are fun to work with.

In this exclusive training, I teach you how to recruit an army of affiliates, how to motivate them to promote more, and how to grow your business like you never imagined.

I’ve worked with some of the top names in the online marketing industry helping them do just this. Names like Kevin Harrington, Zig Ziglar, Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, Peter Voogd, and Brian Tracy.

And if you purchase Marisa Murgatroyd’s Experience Product Masterclass through my link, I will GIVE you this training that I recently sold for $1997 and is currently unavailable to the public.

Estimated Retail Value $1,997
Affiliate Recruiting Swipe Files (NEW BONUS)
The biggest challenge that course and product creators face when they begin to use affiliates to promote their products is actually finding affiliates. 

Over the past decade I have recruited tens of thousands of affiliates in dozens of industries that have generated over $1M in sales for my clients. 

These swipe files are the exact emails I have used to recruit countless top tier affiliates and they will help you recruit great affiliates for YOUR product as well. 

Estimated Retail Value $1,341
Affiliate Promo Plan Checklist (NEW BONUS)
Once you've recruited your affiliates, you need to get them to promote your product. 

The Affiliate Promo Plan Checklist is the EXACT checklist that we have used to get affiliates to mail 10, 15, even 20+ times in a single product launch. 

Use this checklist to get your affiliates to mail more often OR use it to manage your own affiliate promotions and earn bigger affiliate commissions.

Estimated Retail Value $432
No Product No Problem Affiliate Training Course (NEW BONUS)
No Product No Problem is the premier affiliate marketing training course on the market today. 

With over 80+ video lessons, templates, checklists, and swipe files covering everything from finding and getting accepted to affiliate programs to preparing and executing an affiliate promo plan that gets BIG results, this course has it all. 

Affiliates who have applied the lessons and strategies found within this course have seen massive results in their promotions, including multiple Top 5 finishes in major affiliate competitions. 

Estimated Retail Value $497
Creating a $10k/month Resources Page 
This groundbreaking training could be worth $10,000/month to you. 

In this training I share with you the strategies that I have used to create a resources page on my blog that, in recent months, has brought in over $10k in passive affiliate revenue to my business. 

Get my tips and strategies for creating your own profitable resource page, in-depth review of real resources pages, dozens of examples of great resource pages and much, much more. 

Estimated Retail Value $47
Affiliate Marketing Case Studies Vault 
There is no better way to improve than by watching what others are doing. 

That is why we have created a vault of affiliate marketing case studies breaking down exactly what top affiliates do to finish at the top of affiliate competitions and bring home big commissions and contest prizes. 

We are adding new case studies month after month. 

Estimated Retail Value $235
  •  We Will Feature Your Launch
  • 1 Day, Virtual Affiliate Marketing Workshop
^^ Additional $33,650    in Value!! ^^
We Will Feature Your Launch
We will promote your launch. 

We will feature your launch for up to 6 months on our Featured Launches page, write a dedicated blog post to recruit affiliates and send 3 emails to unopens featuring your launch. 

And we won't even ask for a second tier commission. 

We normally charge 10% of the sales to put a launch in front of our 10,000+ affiliates, and you get it for FREE when you purchase EPM through my link. 

I can't tell you that this - the two most recent times we did this the launches earned $242,000 and $181,000 respectively.  

Estimated Retail Value $21,150
1-Day Virtual Affiliate Marketing Workshop 
 When you purchase EPM through my link you will get an invitation to a 1-day, virtual workshop on affiliate marketing that I will be hosting sometimes after EPM Graduation next year

You, me, my team and the other EPM buyers will spend a day together digging into the latest strategies, techniques and best practices in affiliate marketing today.

When I say day, I mean a DAY.  Take the day off work, get the kids a 'sitter and plan ahead for lunch, because we're working an entire DAY on this sucker!!  

 Estimated Retail Value $12,500
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