Here are my top eight favorite articles and posts from across the web in August. They are in no particular order.

How to Launch a Bestselling Book by Michael Hyatt – I called this his $1,000,000 post because if you read it (and follow it) you’ll probably make at least $1,000,000.

Is Great The Enemy Of Good (Enough)? by Bret Wortman – The title says a lot, but make sure to check out his example of the iPod.

Beginnings (Or…The Declarations of a Failure) by Yours Truly – This might have something to do with the fact that it got 39 comments, but actually this was a fun post to write for me and a cool way to start this blog.

Dave Ramsey Answers Your Questions! by Chris LoCurto – Not an actual blog post, but a podcast with the legend himself, Dave Ramsey. Dave answers questions from listeners and there are some real nuggets in there. I’ve listened twice already.

5 Quick Ways You Can Bring Positive Psychology To Your Workplace – by Forbes – The title says it all. I am big believer in this.

What To Do When A Team Member Leaves – by me on Chris LoCurto’s blog – Shameless self plug for my guest post 🙂

Dear 12-year-old Self by Lily Kreitinger – What would you tell your 12-year old self? Kily has a great start. I suggest you read it and comment like your writing to your 12-year self.

The Writing Class You Never Had by Jeff Goins – This is an “in-your-face, you ain’t gonna learn this stuff in school” post that will have you writing by the end of the day.

Some awesome information in those. Take some time to read them.

What were some of your favorite articles or posts from last month? Share them below.

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